Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Trimming and investing.

My new year's non-resolutions.

The words I'm going to focus on.

The ideas I want to resonate throughout the year.

2014 has all the makings of a big and busy year, and I'm so ready to embrace the fun and challenges ahead.  I'm also aware that changes need to happen though, hence the words I'm putting at the centre of it all.  Those of you who have known me for a while or who have read here for a while know that I love a big grand gesture, a challenge, a throwing all my chips onto the table moment.  Or rather, I always used to.  This year I haven't really had any new year's resolutions, and it's been quite freeing to not feel I'm under the gun on things.  I had a vague hope to read 62 books (I managed 42), but other than that it's been a year of just being.  And that has been grand.

For 2014 I wanted something more focused, but didn't want to return to the great-long-list-of-resolutions of years past either.  So instead I had a good long think about a word, or a few words, that I wanted to focus on.  And after a few cups of tea, a decent bout of kitty fussing, an impromptu nap and a good long think I came up with my two words.

Trimming and investing.


The trimming that is de-cluttering - giving things away, taking bundles to the charity shop, throwing out and recycling the things I don't need or use.

Trimming my physical self, getting a little smaller and leaner.  My stocky Scots-English build is never going to be supermodelly, but the past year has left me horribly obese, tired and achey.  While I was so blessed that the Geffen situation went as smoothly as we could have hoped, I end the year a less healthy self.  I want to get back to walking and moving and feeling happier in my skin.  This is the largest I've been, ever, and I want to feel healthier and less self-conscious.

Trimming finacially as well - I'm lucky enough to be paid well to do a job I love, and to have money to spend.  This year I want to be ever more conscious of how I use my money.  There are a few areas where I think a little trimming will free up more funds for savings, for charity, for the things I love.

Trimming the naughtier habits I have.  One glass of wine instead of two.  A little less time on facebook or watching TV; again, I'd made great strides here but being ill pulled me back into these habits.  It's like the quote: "Bad habits are like a comfortable bed.  Easy to get into, but hard to get out of."

Trimming the amount of gossiping I do.  I'm not by nature the hugest gossip, but I've noticed that when I spend time with certain people I gossip a lot more...and that's not great.  I am hoping that by focusing in on this I'll be able to hold my tongue a little more and be more mindful of the power that words have.  I want to be wise enough to know when a relationship needs to be trimmed - something I've learned a little about in the last couple of years.  I want to be kind when this is the case, and understanding when the situation is reversed.


I want to invest my time, talent and money in the things I love, and to waste less time, talent and money on transient, wasteful, negative things.  More money on books and experiences and train tickets to visit people.  Less money on takeaways and junk food and the like.

I want to invest, or to continue to invest, in the people and things which inspire me, excite me, and fufil me.  I want to work hard at my job, to really help my boys to achieve and to grow and improve as a teacher.  I want to invest the time and enthusiasm necessary to make a difference.  I want to invest in the relationships I'm lucky enough to have, to be the best partner, friend, sister, and daughter possible.

I would like to invest in my learning and in feeding my brain.  I want to read books and learn and explore and to spend time cultivating skills and growing abilities.  I want to invest in this little blog, a place where I can write and think and reflect.

I want to invest in my health, to spend time and money becoming a happier and healthier person.  To cook the trickier, healthier meal.  To pay for the dance class that sounds like fun. To spend time exercising, reading up, and researching how to be healthier.

I want to invest time in relaxation and rest.  I want to get better at taking the time to step back from everything and enjoying the opportunity to be free of the whirl, even if only for a moment.  I want to continue to invest my time and funds in the Junior League and to make sure I'm doing all I can to help achieve our community goals.

So there you have it.  Trimming and investing.  Investing and trimming.  Two little words, and a whole year of possibilities.  I wonder what 2014 will bring?

Happy new year, lovelies.  I hope your NYE is brilliant and that the year to come brings health, happiness, and a surfeit of good things.

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  1. That sounds like a fabulous plan to me! Happy New Year.


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