And breathe.....

Happy long weekend, you beautiful people.  And to my Christian brethren, may the glory of Good Friday and the wonder of Easter be alive in your hearts today and always.

Here, I am decompressing as the moments go by.  The past few months for both Matthew and I have been a bit of a rollercoaster (not within our cosy little duo, but without), but today, as the sun shines through the lounge window here at Gatwick, I feel like spring is finally here - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Why are we in Gatwick?  Because we're flying down to Cornwall to share the long weekend with my side of the family.  Mum, Dad, Sian, Peter, Chris, Matthew, me....all in the same space, together.  It's been too long.

After this break the Easter vacation stretches out for days and days and days.  And there's so much fun planned - brunches and reading and visits and holiday, cats and gardening and dinners and adventures.  Just what the doctor ordered.  And plenty of time for blogging too!

But now it's time to finish this cup of tea, log off the laptop, and head west for a weekend of walking, wine, family and board games.

Happy Easter, lovelies.
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Show Us Your Life: Date Ideas

It's Friday, and I'm linking up with the lovely Kelly!

Matthew and I are both busy folk (aren't we all?), so making time to hang out together is a real treat and a frequent priority.

Here, in no particular order, are ten of our favourite date scenarios:

1. After a long week at work we sometimes just head straight home Friday, order some takeout, and watch a boxset.  So simple, so lovely.

2. An impromptu dinner after work is a great way to touch base.  My commute goes past Matthew's offices, so if I'm free I'll often text and see if he's free for a quick meal!

3. We are getting more and more into taking longer, planned walks - I'd like to do some of the Thames River Path this year.

4. Come to think of it, getting outdoors is aways a treat - we love to take wanders in Londons beautiful parks, or to go feed the ducks!

5. Indoor picnics.  As brilliant as they sound.  And always remind me a little of Abed and Troy's blanket fort in Community!

6.  A day of football or darts - Matthew loves these sports and I enjoy them too, and watching a couple of matches together with some yummy treats is a weekend staple.

7. Grabbing dinner with another couple is a great chance to reconnect *and* socialise.  We love going to Bodeans with Dan and Brigitte or Belgo with Eileen and Rory, and many other lovely food/company combos.

8. Going to gigs or the theatre ot the movies is growing in popularity as a date option too!

9.  We also love a day out, just following our noses - coffee then a walk, lunch then shopping, a glass of wine then dinner.....I love when we can make time to hang out.

10. Ultimately, any time together is a treat.  A cup of tea, some board games, a movie or a meal; I'm just always happy to spend a little time with my boy. /soppy

Looking forward to reading up and finding some date based inspiration!
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Radio Silence

Apologies for radio silence these last few days.

I've been up north doing lots of this...

...with this beautiful girl.

Elly and Abby, thank you so much for having me to stay!

Isn't our niece beautiful? /melts in a puddle of gooeyness.
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Country Mouse In The City: Baltic

Last month Eileen and I popped out for dinner to Baltic, in Southwark. It was so nice to have a proper girly catch up and chat life, work, and her wedding. The food was yummy Polish fare, using fresh ingredients and interesting pairings. Yum yum yum. Here are a few pics from the evening.

I love me some crisp white linens!

Pretty Eileen.  She always chooses our restaurants when we dine out - girl's a food maven!

Decision time....

Great room!  We were the first of the pre theatre crowd, so I managed to snap the room before it filled.  By seven it was packed!

Bloggers with cameras /cliché

Oh hello, weeknight wine!

For my main course I had a traditional Polish stew with lots of meat (beef, pork, venison) and potato dumplings.  On the rainy grey night we visited it was just what the doctor ordered!  Alongside this we had lots of homemade bread which was far, far, far too good!

Pudding was poached pears with chocolate ice cream - delicious!

Hmmmm, what to choose?

Eileen chose some fritter-y yumminess for pudding (like me she'd plumped for stew for her main).

I really enjoyed our visit to Baltic.  Good food, great service, decent wine list, sensible prices.  I'd heartily recommend it for a date, a meal before catching a show at the Royal Festival Hall or the Old Vic, or a good old girly catch up.  They also have a formidable selection of vodkas, if that's your bag! Na zdrowie!
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Great books for Little Folk!

Hi there if you've found this through Kelly's 'Favourite Children's Books' link up!  I wrote this post originally last month wearing my Junior Leaguer and teacher of small folks hats, and it just seemed like a good fit for the link up!  I adore children's lit. (I'm working on some stories of my own just now - an exciting, at-times-challenging, fun and interesting journey) and am so looking forward to this link up to find some fresh inspiration and some new books to enjoy with my classes! 

I love reading.  I rarely, if ever, am without a book on the go, and more often than not will be reading two or three at the same time.  I find reading soothing and enthusing, and an evening or afternoon spent in the company of a good book is always a pleasure.

I've always been this way, since I can remember.  My mother is a born reader, devouring books at a pace I don't think I'll ever meet! We read very different types of books and read them in radically different ways, but we're both addicted to the black-and-white magic of words on a page.  If and when I finally sit down and write a book, it'll be thanks to the love of reading and words I inherited directly from my mum.

I love teaching young readers too and encouraging them to read widely and wildly.  I love sharing books with my class, listening to them read, hearing their tales and stories.  It's one of the greatest joys of my job (and there are many joys in teaching!) to see young ones getting excited about the written word.

In my work with the lovely ladies of the Junior League of London, we support a variety of projects helping families, individuals and children who are suffering the effects of poverty.  And some of these projects involve books and reading - we partner with a fabulous primary school, work alongside Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.  This spring we are doing a collection of books to make into tote bags for needy families with toddlers and little ones, and I am so excited about this project.  Below I thought I'd talk about a few of my favourite books for teeny tinies (the 0-3-year-olds we're collecting for).  I'd love to hear what books you might recommend!

At the bottom of this post is a link to the amazon wishlist I have set up for this drive.  If you'd like to help us meet our goal of giving each family a bundle of books, please do send a book along - I'd love my friends and readers to be involved too!  Of course, I know times are tight for many of us, so if you can't afford to donate a book, please do just keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we work towards our goal!  The book bundles will be going to families the last weekend in April.  If any arrive too late, I'll happily set them by (Lord bless the box room!) until Holiday Hampers time in November/December!

Great books for Little Folk!

I love sharing traditional rhymes and stories with tinies, and five little ducks is a perennial favourite!  "Mother duck said, quack-quack-quack-quack..."  There's actually a cute little song with hand actions which is great fun on the bus or in the car!

I think most mummy's can empathise with the mummy in this book as she sets out on her quest for five minutes peace!  I remember reading this book to all the little loves I babysat for back in my teens.  Precious, with beautiful illustrations.

A perfect book for bed time.  And perhaps why I still wish far too many things goodnight!

This book is beautiful for a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt or uncle to share with a little one.  This video gives a lovely reading.

Oh, Hairy Maclary - a classic children's book from New Zealand.  I loved him especially because his name sounds a little like mine, and because I too have mad hair.  This series chronicles the many adventures and escapades of the titular hound.

Will Doublas find the hug he needs?  This book is such fun, and is great for children to interact with - giggles ensue as Douglas hugs a parade of incorrect items!

I very much enjoy the Charlie and Lola stories.  They are a bit nutty, and I love that in a book.  I have read a fair few of them and have been given several as gifts (I Am Absolutely Too Small For School, But Excuse Me That Is My Book) and enjoy reading them with children.  They are fun to read with toddlers or preschoolers, but also grand for more confident readers to attempt on their own later.

Stories about a witch and her cat that have been entertaining children for generations.

I discovered this book a few weeks ago while shopping for a friend's new baby (I love to give books as a new baby present).  I'm a big fan of Donaldson's books, and this one is just as lovely as books like The Gruffalo.  Plus, cats!

The 'That's not my....' books are such fun for the toddler and teeny crowds - they are sturdy and tactile and such fun to play and interact with.  And who can resist a dinosaur?

Another classic!  And like the caterpillar, I am very hungry, so it's time to wrap this post up....

Many more books are on our wishlist (which I seem to be adding to daily!).  If you're looking for book suggestions for your little ones or if you'd like to donate, please do pop over there.  Likewise, if you think of books I haven't mentioned that would suit the teeny/toddler crowd, do please let me know in the comments below.

Have a great week!
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Walking here, walking there, walking most everywhere...

I've long been a fan of walking.  Whether it's hillwalking in the mountains of my beloved Scotland, the flaneur of strolling the city streets on dusky evenings, walking for health or walking for a cause (like when I did the Moonwalk a couple of years ago), there's sometime so nice, so therapeutic, about putting one foot in front of the other and going for a bimble.

Now the spring is on its way here in London and I am keen to plan some walks here and there.  Perhap not for today though, as it's currently pouring down outside!

I cannot stand wet feet!

However, there is something to be said for planning walking jaunts while curled up cosy inside, listening to the pitter-patter-sploosh of rain on tiles.  I like to find places I'd like to walk, but of course also have mad love for just popping on a pair of walking boots and heading out the door - Hackney and Leyton and Woodford all have some nice little walks and I can't wait to explore more of the Lea Valley Park in the late spring and summer.  It'll also be great when the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (formally the Olympic Park) opens later this year - it's right on our doorstep and will be such a great resource for all in East London!

I love my walking boots - they are strong, sturdy and fairly waterproof.  I bought them nine years ago when I was studying in Durham and needed comfy, durable shoes that I could wear while tromping up and down the many, many hills of that fair city!  In winter especially, these boots saved me many a landing on my rump!  That doesn't stop me looking around for new boots, of course, and I've had a good old drool at some of these. For city walking and light country walks my old ones are grand, but if I attempt any serious walking in the Peaks or the Grampians over summer break I will certainly need to invest in some new treads!

For planning walks in London, the site Walk London is gold.  I used it so much for planning interesting longer walks when I was in training.  They have some super Lea Valley Walks as well as my favourite Thames Path.  The London section of the Thames Path is 40 miles, but I'm quite tempted to attempt the whole 184 miles over a few months.....

I do love a good walk!  More on this theme to follow soon, I think!

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OAE Event pictures - long overdue post

Last month I was lucky enough to go to a wonderful performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, given by the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment as part of 'The Night Shift'.  I wrote about it, but I had a few issues with uploading the pictures (Chromebook wobbles!) long last here they are!

 Eileen is excited!

 Cheesey tickets post 101.

 The stage is set.  The orchestra were performing with a troupe of dancers - really stirring stuff!

 I took so many pictures, but the speed of the dancers made captures tricky.  I did manage a few though!

 Between movements there were Q&A sessions with musicians, dancers etc. - I loved this part of the experience, a really fresh take on concert going!

 I also loved the interplay between the dancers and the musicians.

Kati, the leader of the orchestra, was superb.  Warm, witty and frighteningly talented!

Such a fun evening!  I would heartily recommend The Night Shift for an interesting concert experience!
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SUYL: Favorite Vacation spots

This week for Show Us Your Life, Kelly is having us write about our favourite vacation spots.  I love going on holiday, whether with Matthew, friends or family, so I've been looking forward to writing this post!

There are three places I really love to visit on holiday - Bruges, Belgium; Edinburgh, Scotland; and Puerto de Mogán, Spain (Canary Islands). Bruges is a new addition to our travel loves. Matthew and I went there for a long weekend last autumn - we wanted to get out of town for a little break and the Eurostar makes Bruges very simple to visit! We fell in love with the place - it's so beautiful, full of gorgeous buildings, and the pace is relaxed and welcoming. We had a wonderful time visiting museums, sampling beers and enjoying the autumnal sun.
All the beers!
Our first view of Bruges. Just beautiful!
The Markt is stunning!
Views for miles.

Edinburgh has long had a special place in my heart, and I tend to go there once a year for the Fringe Festival. The biggest alternative festival in the world, it's a real hub for art, theatre, music, and comedy. It's a real treat to be able to go and see such a range of things! In addition to this, you have the loveliness of the city itself to enjoy. Matthew and I actually met at the festival five years ago, and will be up there again this year!

Just some of the tickets from last year's shows!
I love the drama of Edinburgh's architecture.
Scottish breakfast = guilty pleasure par excellence!
This shot captures just how busy Edinburgh gets!
Lou and I had great fun last year spotting Golden Postboxes (they were painted in every town, village or city that a 2012 Olympic gold medallist hailed from. This is Chris Hoy's).
Last but not least has to be Puerto de Mogán, the little town in the Canary Islands that Matthew and I visit for a week each year. It's idyllic - warm temperatures, sunshine, a little manana culture....the perfect break from the rush of London town (as much as we adore that!). We're heading out there again in the not too distant.....delicious!

Frosty cold beers in the sunshine.
The view from a boat of Puerto de Mogán.
Perfect blue skies :)
Truly Matthew's happy place - relaxing in the sun!
Can't wait for our holiday to roll around!
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Things that make me giggle...

Wearing boxes as hats.

Watching ‘World’s Craziest Fools’ with Matthew.

Cats with shiny foil.

Brunch with my ladies.

Silly jokes about cheese (that’s a whole ‘nother post, people).

Conversations with Miss Shona.

Any opportunity to sing along with Bonnie Tyler, Heart, or any other eighties cheese.

Our class singing “I like bananas, I like cheese…”

How I Met Your Mother.

Catch up phone calls with Christy and Naomi.

The Big Bang Theory.


Carlton dancing

How about you?
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Poppet Post!

Elloes Oomans!

Ow does?

I wus trying to nom Clur's compooter (is not nom!) when I remembered I had not writted you all for a long time!  I is sorry, it has bin very busy ere wiv decoratin and ooman visitors and naps and noms.  We likes to be busy katzen, is troo fact!

I av time to rite today though, becos Maffoo and Clur are busy and is too chilly on my paws to go out.  Last week it had gotted rilly sunny and nice, but this week it is bitter cold!  The wind does whip my furr and make my paws frozenbobs!  So I is spendin many times inside insted.  I am readin and relaxin and groomin and keeping those kitten in line.  Is epic important!  I hopes the spring does arrive soon.  I am wanting to moult all overs the kitteh room.

I had better go now - I want to read Clur's Tatler magazine before she gets back.  Hee hee hee, I is a sneaky katzen!

Many friendlehs,

Poppet 'Middle Names Are For The Weak' R.

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Project Life Tuesday: Making Progress

Linking up with Jessica for Project Life Tuesday....

I am starting to make some real progress with Project Life, but it devours time!  I'm glad to be doing it though, but am aware there are many things I could improve (keeping stubs of tickets, noting down quotes, taking pictures of PEOPLE!).  Here are my most recent pages:

Love these little title cards!

Pictures and notes from Adam and Anne-Marie's wedding - such a beautiful day!

I'm getting better and better at adding little notes about fun events!

There are plenty of pictures of the cats!

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Spare Room Makeover!

When we first moved into our house last year, we did a lot of DIY.  Painting, organising, building furniture the whole shebang!  Then the autumn came and the urge to hibernate (and to save pennies for Christmas) came, so DIY went on the backburner a little.

Now, spring is here (not that you'd know it given the current weather!), and we're getting back into the swing of things, and our most recent project has been getting our first guest room sorted.  Here are a few pics to show you the new digs, and how we got on! We have a few other things to add from hither and thither (am hoping to have a few things made by my craftier friends and will definitely be buying a few things from John Lewis online - thank heavens for delivery services!).

All set up for a painting party!   As you can see, it was very plain to start with - white walls, no real furniture, no curtains....

Making progress with the painting!

The finished article - I love the blues and yellows together!

Ted napping was one of Matthew's touches - we are a very pro-napping household!

Looking down towards the stairs.

I'm so happy with how it turned out, and hope our guests enjoy it!  We finished on Saturday evening and our first guest arrived at 11pm Saturday!  Love having visitors.

So that's the room as it stands - I have a few things I'd still like to add (cushion covers, a basket or two, etc. - all of which I'll no doubt get from John Lewis), but am so thrilled that the room is finished enough to have working as a fully functional, lovely space.  Now, what should the next project be?

What do you think of the transformation?  Do you have any DIY projects in mind now spring is on its way?
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Five Minute Friday: Home

Five Minute Friday

Five minutes peace in the Friday whirl.  Five minutes of writing, the click of keys, the words unfurling on the page.  Thank you as ever, Lisa-Jo, for this wonderful link up!

This week's prompt is home.


Home is my favourite place to be.  Here, with Matthew and the kits, feels like where I'm meant to be.  Safe and warm and lucky.  

Our home is big and a little rough around the edges and sometimes I focus a little too much on the things that need to be done, the things we have to fix, the things that would improve it.  

But most of the time I'm just happy to enjoy it, to appreciate it, to savour the unique joy of looking around and knowing it's ours.  

All the jobs and cleaning and saving seem worth it when I take in that delicious fact!

I never knew I could be so happy in one little spot, but I feel the roots digging down deeper and deeper with the passing months.  It's the little things that I like - the smell of barbecues on summer evenings.  The Orbit in the distance when I open the bedroom blinds.  The sight of our blue door as I round the corner from the station.  The ease of the commute, which I think I could literally do in my sleep now.  The mews of the katzen as soon as I'm in the door (they are such dog-cats!).

In our little home, we're making memories - dinners and parties and celebrations.  Brunches and visits and date nights.  As we round in on our first year, home feels more and more real.  Being here with Matthew just feels right.  Other places are loved and familiar, but here, right now, is home.  

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Why I think libraries are important (a slightly belated by a matter of minutes World Book Day post)

As I start this post it's 11.59pm on World Book Day 2013.  I should really be curling up, but lack of sleep earlier in the week and nerves about an event tomorrow have me restless, so writing is as ever a solace.  And I knew exactly what I wanted to write about this evening.

Today, we've been celebrating World Book Day, along with most of the schools in the UK.  The kids in the Junior Department dressed up (so many cute little Tintins, Robin Hoods and Harry Potters!) and in the MS and SS we read books, shared books, and generally got quite excited about books!  Then, somewhat ironically, I couldn't make it to my own book group due to a diary pile up.  Ah, London.

For WBD, I realy got to thinking about libraries and the very special place they hold in my heart.  The public libraries of this country are an absolute treasure, and without them I could say with 100% certainty I would never have made it to university, let alone be a teacher.  I grew up with ambitious and hardworking parents who definitely wanted the best for me and who encouraged me in my endeavours, but when I was small money for new books just wasn't there.  We'd pick up a few here and there from charity shops and thrift stores, or hand-me-downs from families moving base, but new books rarely came into the house.  I remember one that did, Disney's Treasury of Fairy Tales, and how proud I was to keep its pages pristine, its cover buffed and shiny.  I loved that book, with all the fierce passion of a little girls' heart.

Imagine then the effect that a whole library of books had.  Books.  Everywhere.  To touch and read and take away and share and return and renew and love.  A whole room of my favourite things, of stories that would take me far away, of characters that to this day are as familiar as friends - Jo, Darryl, Elisaveta, Mallory, Elizabeth & Jessica.  I remember watching Beauty and the Beast and seeing that finally in Belle there was a Disney heroine I could get on board with - a girl of books and words, a girl who would be more likely to disappear into the attic with a beloved book and a passel of apples (a la Jo March) than get distracted by dresses or boys.

Our house growing up was lovely, but often busy and noisy, and a little transient in the way that military homes can often be (we had a whole range of homes in our RAF years!).  But all the libraries, whether on camp or in a village, down near my boarding school or attached to my primary school in Germany, had certain things in common - the smell, the soothing beep of returns, the muffled clearing of throats.  And oh my goodness, the books.

Those books taught me how to live.  How to learn.  How to love.  A regular Matilda, I read anything I could get my hands on - fiction (of every type and class), history, biographies, plays, poems.  Those Saturdays when mum took me to the library, the libraries visited while waiting for siblings after clubs, the long summer holidays spent poring over the shelves to find new reads...they made me who I am today.  They showed me another way of life; so many different ways of life.  The libraries I visited as a toddler and a child and a teenager gave me a chance at a different life, the chance to learn and find my path.

And that's why I think libraries are important.  I'm so glad that there are libraries here in East London where little girls (and boys) just like I was - bright and keen and interested - can always find new books to read, new trips to take to far off lands, new futures to dream of.  Without libraries my life would have been poorer, because when I was little the money wasn't there to buy books - just as is the case in many, many families today.  But in the library we are all equal - once you've paid that 50p the card is yours and a world of books is now yours.  Even when I went to a couple of - how shall I put this? - rubbish primary schools, the library was always there at the end of the day, the glimmering light at the end of the tunnel. As it is today.

Libraries offer hope and light and comfort.  I pray they can continue to do so for a very long time.

Happy World Book Day, all.
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Musical interlude

Feeling a bit musically old school today....I thought I'd share.  Are you currently feeling any old school favourites?  Share away, lovelies.
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A Day At The Theatre!

Living in London there are so many things to do - galleries, events, concerts, theatre.  I love taking advantage of all the city has to offer, and this weekend I had the real treat of going to see not just one but two West End shows.  My lovely friend Shona, who I used to do musical theatre with in Aberdeen, was with us for the weekend.  Whenever she's in town we tend to head to see a production or two!

First up was Macbeth, starring James McAvoy (yum, frankly).  The Scottish Play is one of my favourites, not least because my hometown gets a shout out (Forres, Act I, Scene III)!  It's gripping and gory and contains some of my favourite quotes from Shakespeare.  The production is on at the Trafalgar Studios, which I've never been to before - it's a brilliant space!  The play was gripping and dark, with plenty of jumps, Scottish accents and drama.  There was a lot of blood!

Then we popped out for dinner before the second show of the day - Book of Mormon!  London has been absolutely plastered with ads for the show, which transferred just last week, and Matthew and I were lucky enough to get tickets for Saturday's show.

Oh, good heavens, it is so inappropriate, rude and coarse.  The first thing I told my mother was not to try to see it - it's heavy on the swears and just as out there and satirical as South Park.  That being said....I loved it.  Great songs, great cast, and lots and lots of great jokes.  I've never spent quite so much of my time at a musical agog though....every time you think they won't go there, they do! Despite the language, the moral of the story is an interesting one, and there's a lot of heart to the show.

A most enjoyable day at the theatre.  Have you guys seen any good shows recently?  Are there any you'd really like to see?
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Monday Funday: Kittens and Goats and Ridiculousness, oh my!

A few things I've been loving lately.  Some serious, some silly, some thought-provoking, some earworm installing.

75 Books That Build Character.  Some great reading suggestions here for wee folk!

A Baby Has Been Cured of HIV.  Earth stopping news.  Amazing.

Banana Bread.  In A Jar.  How cute are these?

Couple Adopts Baby They Find On Subway.  Adorable story - made me weep!

Crying Dawson.  Team Pacey for life, yo.

Kitten Cam. Oh good gravy, the cute!

Mega-S'mores.  *drools*

Taylor Swift, Goat Edition.  Never fails to make my class crease up!

Walk Off The Earth - Cheers (Drink To That).  Makes this song awesome (Warning, mild swears).

Weezer, Goat Edition.  MORE GOAT(BELL!).

What's rocking your boat lately?

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Another week begins...

I love where Youtube pauses videos.
Behold my special Monday face.

Have a great week you glorious people!
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Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

Five Minute Friday

Linking up with Lisa-Jo for five minutes of loveliness in the chaos of the day....

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community..

This week's prompt is: Ordinary.


My ordinary is early alarms, stumbly mornings, eyes rubbed and showers jumped into.

My ordinary is "Please may can I....", "Miss Thornley you said....", "Can I move my peg up?", "May we have a joke, please?"

My ordinary is the scent of coffee tickling my nose, the sugary icing on a birthday cupcake, the clink of a wine glass.

My ordinary is kitty-cats, sneaking through doors, fur on my clothes.

My ordinary is the punch of the keys, the metre of the words, the flicker of the screen.

My ordinary is spreadsheets and numbers, patterns and graphs, the joy of order.

My ordinary is tube train madness, elbows and Blackberries, the joy of a seat.

My ordinary is the steam of the iron, the squish and splash of the bubbles, the smell of the simmering sauce.

My ordinary is the hum and strum and music of the city, restlessness and calm and the smell of fried food and damp pavements.

My ordinary is in the words I devour, the books I leave half-done, part-done, almost-done, finished, hither and thither.

My ordinary is the ping of emails, the flash of text, the letter on the doormat.

My ordinary is untameable hair, rosy cheeks, large hands, mad feet.

My ordinary is boy-chaos, papers and pens and treasures secreted behind doors, under shelves, in any available nook.

My ordinary is the sofa dates, the one day dreams, the snuggled up cosy.

My ordinary is tick-tick-comment-tick-cross-stamp, the rhythm of marking, the beat of the day.

My ordinary is not so ordinary at all.

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