End of the holidays...

...and what a lovely holiday it has been.  As well as Christmas and New Year's there have been visits aplenty, good chats with dear friends, more kitty snuggles than you can shake a stick at, home improvements, plans made and naps had.  And now we are taking the last of the decorations down, tackling the ironing pile, and getting ready for a new school term.  I popped into school on Friday so I'm on point oganisationally, but the fist week back (and the first week of 5/5.30am starts) is always a shock.  So I'll get back to the organising and close with a few pics from recent adventures.

Don't you just love comfort food when the weather is foul?

Going to the darts with Matthew was *such* fun - I think it may well become a yearly fixture!

I am going to miss this sweet girl & Leela & Fry so much when I go back to 50 hour weeks... I love my job, I just wish I could take the cats with me!

The last sunset of 2013.

And a cloudy start to 2014.

Wishing you all a relaxing and lovely Sunday and a super week to come!
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Five Minute Friday: Fight

Five Minute Friday
Of all the blog link ups I have taken part in, I think Five Minute Friday has to be one of my favourites.  The rawness of words on the page, just letting the piece go where it wants to, is exciting and thrilling and comforting, all at once.  So I'm thrilled to join in again for 2014.  A big year.

Today's word is fight.


I've never been good at confrontation.  Everything in my nature wants people to be happy, for life to be calm, for the road to be smooth and easy for all.  I'm great at swallowing things down, coping, taking things on board and worrying, quietly, rather than getting angry or standing up for myself.  Even though I like to think I've moved beyond my days as a teenage doormat, there are still occasions where the old habits flare up, where I find myself backing down, shutting up, withdrawing instead of pushing foward, taking a stand, believing in my point. And when this happens I get so angry and disappointed and worn down, and retreat to my books and my words and eating.  The little girl inside me knows it's better to shut up and allow others to have their way.  She'll just have another slice of cake.

It's occurring to me, however, in an oh-so-unexpected mid-thirties revelation, that that little girl is wrong.  By not standing my ground, by not believing that my points deserve to be heard, I do myself and the people aound me a disservice.  With the people I love who understand me I'm getting better and better at communicating, at confronting, at vocalising, but there are still many people I can't find that groove with. And this year, I really want to.

Because that unwillingness to fight is a big part of my comfort eating.  It's a lot easier to eat and hide than to stick up for yourself, and I've been taking the easier path fo decades now.  Loved one upsets you?  Eat a mound of chocolate.  Feeling abandoned and scared?  Biscuits.  Argument with a friend? Crisps.  Colleague undermines you?  Pizza.  Typing it out it sounds so frail and juvenile, but it's been my reality - the truth is for far too long, I've been swallowing down my feelings.  Literally & figuratively.

So now the fight is a new one.  The fight to be healthy, outside and in.  To choose what's best for me and my health, even if sometimes I have to move out of my comfort zone and give someone what for.  I need to relearn the habits of my adult life; I have a fight on my hands.

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Happy New Year!

Our bedtime this morning!  Needless to say, today is proving to be a day of mooching around, movies, chores and chilling.  And bacon.

Wishing you all a very happy new year, and sending very best thoughts for 2014.  I love the start of a new year, the inspiration to start over, change, improve.  If you're resolving to do something, best of luck! It takes 66 days to build a habit, so I'm starting tomorrow with a few and will hope to let you know I've suceeded by early March, ha!

Our NYE was chilled and wonderful - wine and cocktails and cards against humanity and singing along to Youtube vids and great company and a fantastic view of the city's many fireworks displays.  The perfect way to bring in a year I am so excited to meet.
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