End of the holidays...

...and what a lovely holiday it has been.  As well as Christmas and New Year's there have been visits aplenty, good chats with dear friends, more kitty snuggles than you can shake a stick at, home improvements, plans made and naps had.  And now we are taking the last of the decorations down, tackling the ironing pile, and getting ready for a new school term.  I popped into school on Friday so I'm on point oganisationally, but the fist week back (and the first week of 5/5.30am starts) is always a shock.  So I'll get back to the organising and close with a few pics from recent adventures.

Don't you just love comfort food when the weather is foul?

Going to the darts with Matthew was *such* fun - I think it may well become a yearly fixture!

I am going to miss this sweet girl & Leela & Fry so much when I go back to 50 hour weeks... I love my job, I just wish I could take the cats with me!

The last sunset of 2013.

And a cloudy start to 2014.

Wishing you all a relaxing and lovely Sunday and a super week to come!
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  1. When we got my little brother's cat years ago, he did come to work with me one night in the newsroom. He went lap-hopping and even the gruffest and quietest in the newsroom were reduced to baby voices!


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