Monday, January 06, 2014

Monday Funday #1, 2014

Links to entertain, inspire and amuse:

Adore this tutorial on how to make your own cute gift box-bags.  Lovely!

A really interesting take on new year's resolutions and self-improvement.

As it taditional for new year's we are trying to be healthier, and also trying new recipes.  This is definitely on the 'trying soon' list!

Genuinely fascinating site which tells you which author your writing is most similar to.  Hours of fun!

Household this tablecloth!

I need to make a clear out list this well ordered!  A Lent project, maybe?

I've said that I'd like to ead 74 books this year.  Madness.  However, lists like this may come in handy: Important short novels!

Love this.  I'm actually starting a new notebook this term where I'm going to challenge myself to write something specific and complimentary about each of my students each week.  This will help with reports and I'll give each of them a copy of their list at the end of the year.  I hope it makes them smile!

Marshmallow catapults?  We are moving on to 3D shape this week and I think this might be the pefect topic ender!

The start of a new year always makes me dreamy about home improvements and thinsg to do around the house (once we've cleared all the clutter, naturally).  Here are some great inspirations for corner storage.

Weddings are pretty high on our list of focuses this year, as you would imagine!  This list of wedding trends is fun - I think we'll hit three or four of these.

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  1. You find the neatest things! Thanks for sharing. Apparently I write like Raymond Chandler. Which is funny, because I always found him so depressing!


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