Oh my goodness, a template for PRINTING onto post its?  Gamechanger.  Templates and such are here, from whence cometh the image also.

Don't you just love it?

Pencils.  Sharpeners.  Postcards.  Glitter.  Tape with patterns on.


I don't think the thrill of buying fresh stationery will ever wear off.

What's your poison?
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Lazy Sunday?

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Food bloggers follow-ups

Last month I was lucky enough to go to a blogging event that was all about food, and I said I'd introduce a few of the lovely bloggers I met.  Being me and perpetually busy with school, life, wedding planning and napping (#zzzzlife) I neglected to do this particularly promptly.  But now I've finally sat down and done it.

Behold, a gaggle of lovely food bloggers!

The lovely Amy is working her way through Mary Berry's Baking Bible and blogs at Pass The Mixing Bowl.  So many cakes....I love it!

Angela blogs at The Awkward Blog and cooks up all kinds of wonders.  I'm dying to try her Yorkshire Pudding Sandwich.

Ashley writes at Peach Trees and Bumblebees, and was such a pleasure to meet.  Her recipes are stellar, and her post on how to flip a pancake was perfection - thanks for the tip!

Jo blogs at Yum Dim Sum and has such an eye for food, her pictures are scrumptious!  She's also a fan of afternoon tea, like me!

KB blogs at KBeats on food and cooking and baking.  She's a chocolate master!

Loriley writes on food, fun and travel at Loriley Sesh.  Love the gorgeous photos of her adventures!

Nic blogs at Cherrapeno, using lots of chillies and chocolate in her creations - Matthew's idea of heaven!

Rosie writes at A Little Lusciousness.  I love reading all about her popup adventures!

Sam blogs about food, beauty and fashion over at Honey Go Lightly.  Her blog is very cute - I especially enjoyed her posts on gluten intolerance as I have lots of friends who are eating gluten free.

Teffy writes about her many adventures at Teffy Perk.  She's off to Australia soon, so I can't wait to ead about how things are going Down Under.

Tina is a riot - we had such a giggle together on the journey back from the event - and blogs at The Spicy Pear.  Lots of great recipes, with a healthy dash of humour too!

So there you have it - a bevvy of bloggers.  It was so nice to meet the ladies above and I am so enjoying following their blogs....and while we are on the subject of food bloggers, be sure to check out Sarah at Taming Twins.  I met her on twitter and her recipes are brilliant!

Gosh, I'm hungry now.
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What's for dinner tonight?


So excited to cook these up - I adore fajitas and these look scrummy!
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Frozen party inspiration


I was playing on Pinterest the other day when I found this adorable blog post of how to pull off a 'Frozen' themed party.  Isn't it wonderful?  My class adore the movie, as do I, so I'm definitely going to try to pull off something similar!

Check out the post here for all the details!  Kimberley, you're a party planning genius!
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Okay, so this made me giggle far too much:

I am trying to work our more, but dang this made me laugh!
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Blogging on the tube, part 1

I do a lot of commuting, as do many Londoners. From 6.30 to 7.30 most mornings, which I'm now hoping to move a half hour earlier (prayers, good thoughts appreciated, ha!), and them an hour or so back each evening. Ten hours a week, every work week. Usually tube all the way, but sometimes by bus, foot and train. East to north-west, and back again.

My commute is, thank heavens, very straightforward. Living moments from a central line stop and with school a stones throw from a jubilee stop, I'm very lucky - there are so many people I know who have three, four, or more changes! I'm also lucky in that the journey is 75% done on one line, and because I get on at the origin point I always get a seat. So my commute is not too bad at all. It's a time to read, listen to my iPod, think, play blackjack on my phone (Matthew has me in serious Vegas training!). And today it occurred to me that it's probably a great time to blog too - at a point where I can't do so many other things (tube too wobbly for marking, no Internet for work emails or research, housework miles away, friends all working/relaxing/doing their own commutes). So it's the perfect time to write a quick blog post in my email drafts.

I love the cross section of humanity you see on the tube. Groomed business types. Cute toddlers who befriend the whole carriage. DOGS! That utter twit who sits in the priority seat (for the non-London folk, the priority seats are at each end of a row of seats and are designed for those who need a seat - old folks, those with canes/crutches, pregnant ladies) and staunchly avoids eye contact with the clearly heavily pregnant lady wearing one of the TfL's 'baby on board' pin badges. Actually, it's generally good value - either the entire carriage will glare at him till he does the right thing, or someone else will give up their seat and then we all get to tut / give side eye / sigh about manners together. Londoners are famed for being a little stand offish and terse on the tube, so this brief moment of community, of oneness, is quite lovely, in its own odd way.

You get awesome snippets of conversation on the tube too, whether you are trying to listen or not. Some recent snippets, dear reader:

"I really hate her but I'm going to the wedding because she's going to be hilarious."

"What is a bunion? Is it something you want?"

"Why do girls try to make you feel guilty for revising?"

"You know that guy who's in Pirates of the Carribean? The singer? Johnny Cash."

Yes, safe to say I enjoy my little commute. Right now it's the middle of the day, and still the crowd is lively. And the tube, it turns out, is a very handy place to blog. As I wrap this up I have but a couple of stops left, ready to emerge from the subterranean gloom up into the freshness of a spring afternoon.

More soon, friends.
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For birthdays, Matthew and I now tend not to do actual holdable gifts - it's hard to find something significant either of us wants or needs and things for the house are a tad unromantic (happy birthday darling, here's a whisk!), particularly at this point in our relationship.  At Christmas we tend to do a few little gifts - books, DVDs, mugs, socks - but at birthdays we often like to treat each other to an experience that we can both enjoy.  A big sporting event, a gig, a trip away.  We're both people who would prefer to spend money on experiences over things anyway, so this system works for us both.

For my birthday last year, Matthew treated me to a long weekend in Madrid, which we took last month.  We both love the city and had visited previously, but never together.  It was such a treat to have a little time away together in such a beautiful spot.  Thank you, honey!  I look forward to treating you for your birthday in July.

The weather was soggy for the most part, but we were rewarded with a couple of fine/cloudy days on which to do some sightseeing!

A real treat was going to see Real Madrid play - amazing football!  We arrived early and snapped this shot ahead of the stadium filling up.

Our hotel was a stone's throw from the Plaza Mayor!

The bear & strawberry tree - the symbols of Madrid.

Best airport code ever. :)

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This break from work has been so chilled.  It's been a real treat to have time to spend at home, with Matthew, with friends, with the cats, just regrouping.  I have a tendency to work at little too much during termtime (I'm sure many bosses would argue that there's no such thing!), clocking in at 60 hours plus, so not doing a tonne over this holiday has been soul satisfying!  I'll be doing some new term prep Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, but mainly I feel rested and quite jolly.  Herewith some pictures from a break well spent.

This little one has thrived having so much attention.  Such a blessing.

Simple things - flowers, candles, washing on the line - bring such joy.

Time to bake and experiment with new recipes :)  Here are fudge cupcakes with caramel buttercream frosting.  Yum!

Roasted veggies with honey & chilli.  A firm family favourite!

Chance to attack the giant pile of magazines and books that have gathered by my bed.

Long lunches.

Lots of chats over cups of tea with my love.

Learning to siesta with the katzen.

Inventing new recipes.  Wholemeal pita + redcurrant jelly + rocket + brie = GOOD.

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Meal planning Monday: April 14th

Meal Planning Monday

I really like planning our meals. I love to plan, like to cook and love to eat, so it's a perfect storm of goodness.  I tend to sit down and plan our meals fortnightly, because this helps with shopping, prepping and having things ready to go.  

Our breakfasts are pretty much the same every day.  M will have tea and porridge, I have coffee and muesli.  Lunch tends to be soup or salad, unless M goes out with colleagues or school has something awesome on the menu (our lunches are very good at school but I try not to pig out because it makes me sleepy in the afternoon!).  So the evening meal is the time where we get to come together and catch up on the day.  We rarely do pudding but will occasionally have a glass or two of wine (some meals like steak just seem to demand it!).

Here's the plan for the next two weeks:

Monday 14th: Grilled chicken, twice baked potatoes, roasted veg (peppers, courgettes, onion & piccolino tomatoes with a honey and chilli glaze).

Tuesday 15th:  I'll be out for dinner with Shona (mmmmmm, seafood!), so M will probably grab soup or pie and beans.

Wednesday 16th: I'll be out with Eileen (mmmmm, fondue!), so M's on his tod again!

Thursday 17th: Piri piri chicken, rice and vegetables.

Friday 18th: Shona is coming over for a Nashville fest, so I'll be cooking up southern inspired goodness.  Burittos, mashed potatoes, pulled pork, dinner rolls, beans and mac and cheese.  A stretchy trousers kind of meal!

Saturday 19th: Spicy chicken goujons and baked potatoes.

Sunday 20th:  We'll have company over for Easter Day, so I'll probably do a buffet of light bites - quiche, charcuterie, salad, dips etc.  And plenty of chocolate for afters!

Monday 21st:  It's a Bank Holiday and the last full day of break, so that calls for pizza.

Tuesday 22nd:  Beef and veg stir fry with noodles.

Wednesday 23rd: Squash and sweet potato soup with fresh bread.

Thursday 24th: Oven fajitas - excited to try a new recipe!

Friday 25th: Bangers and mash with peas and onion gravy.

Saturday 26th: It's our friends' Adam and Emily's stag and hen, so we'll probably have pub grub out and about.

Sunday 27th: Chicken jalfrezi with naan, bombay aloo and mango chutney.

Good, hearty food.  And now I'm hungry.  Excited to link up for my first #mealplanningmonday over at 'At Home With Mrs M'.

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On coding....

Image found here

I love teaching ICT to my little ones and have been thinking for a while I'd love to do some coding with them.  So when I stumbled across this excellent post on, I couldn't resist sharing! If you click though you will find an awesome list of resources for teachers and pupils of all ages - I am so enjoying researching this!

Teachers, have you done any coding with your classes?
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This year is rolling by gently and swiftly, all at once.

It seems like moments ago we were deep in the January greys, and spring and summer felt like a million years away.  And now it's April, and life is full of sunshine and greenery and the lightness of spring mornings.  Similarly, it seems like a heartbeat ago that we got engaged and the wedding was an age away....tomorrow we will have been engaged a year and the wedding is four months away.  The house is filling up with stationery and gifts and ribbons; truly the days are long but the years are short!

Here we are deep in my Easter break.  This year is especially decadent, with a three and a half week break in classes.  Naturally, I'm reading, planning and sorting plenty in that time, but the absence of the 5.30am alarm, heels and dozens of work emails a day is bliss.  I'm a very decent housewife it turns out!  I like cooking, cleaning, volunteering, reading and socialising...but it's always nice to be in the classroom too.  I'll be in a lot of next week to get ready for the always busy summer term.

So that's us - posts to come soon on my adventures in homemaking, our trip to Madrid, wedding planning, and cats (hey, you know me!).  Have a wonderful weekend, all!

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