#100 Happy Days: Day 21-25

More shots from a focus on loveliness :)

Day 21: a glimpse of Edinburgh Castle.  Man, I love that city so much!

Matthew and I walked past the spot where we took our first ever picture together.  Definitely time for a selfie :)

We love going to Brewdog whenever we are in town.  Don't worry, one of the pints was mine!

 Matthew's mum and the niecelet popped up to see us in Edinburgh.  We had a gorgeous day of chats, fish and chips, cups of tea, and Matthew coaching the niecelet in the art of football!

Day 22 called for a bubblebath in the middle of the day.  Such decadence.

That evening Shona and I went to see Miss Saigon.  It was.....pretty good.  I must admit I was hoping to be blown away, but instead it was....good.  Elements were excellent - The Engineer was the perfect mix of sleaze and swagger, the Commodore was brilliant, and Kim impressed.  But a few of the changes felt flat (Ellen's songs got switched around and messed with; a few key notes fell).  It's still very early in the run, I'm hoping to catch it again in the autumn to see if the kinks have been ironed out.  Still worth catching though, just not quite in the league of Matilda or Book of Mormon, both of which were tremendous.

Day 23, the flowers for our wedding arrived, made by the hugely talented Donna! Full review to follow post-wedding, but she's been an utter dream to work with.  The bouquets and buttonholes are just what I wanted!

 Also Day 23, so kind of pageantry in London - the joys of living in  big acity! 

Day 24, taking time to enjoy our pretty wee garden.  Matthew is such a star and keeps it looking so nice!

Day 25, a train to Leeds to spend time with family and friends - we headed up to try on wedding suits for the boys.  And eat some very good steak!
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Meal planning Monday: Monday, June 23rd

Exams are marked, away days done, reports are filed....so now I can see the faintest glimpse of the summer holidays hovering on the horizon!  12-and-a-half working days to go, and one of the bitter-sweet-est seasons of the school year.  As excited as I am for summer, I will miss my class too - they are such a bunch of sweeties and they have come on so much!  I guess that's the thing with teaching, a neverending season of change.

Right, on with the meal planning!  A lazy week because I'm being pretty social.

Monday:  I intend to have a chilled evening in front of the football, so it's a no cook supper for me!  Wholemeal tortillas with chicken, avocado, lettuce and tomatoes, with a splash of salsa and a sprinkling of goats cheese beckon.

Tuesday: Post-gig (Shona and I are off to see Striking Matches, an amazing band we caught at Country 2 Country earlier this year) I'll tuck into some Greek salad.  Perfect when the weather is hot!

Wednesday: I'm out for supper with Cynthia, my co-chair for New Member's in the JLL this year.

Thursday: Out again at a blogging event, I think the food is 'Vegas inspired'.  Colour me intruiged!

Friday: Shona and I gig again, this time to see the living legend that is Dolly Parton.  I forecast Byron burgers beforehand or Mexican food afterwards!

Saturday: One of the rarest occurences will feature.  An empty diary day.  I intend to work out, blog, work on JLL projects and end of term gifts, and then curl up in front of the TV for a moviefest replete with pita bread pizzas.

Sunday: I think a big batch of Mexican chicken would be perfect!  Served with tortillas or rice and beans, it'll be a filling and yummy conclusion to the week.

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#100 happy days: Days 16 - 20

More fun :)  This also arched over our two-weddings-in-a-weekend bonanza, so there are BUNDLES of shots!

Day 16 was a rough, tough, exhausting day.  Kittens and gin and Matthew in the evening cheered me up no end.

Day 17 was grooming central, and then my untypically kempt hair and I headed north on the train.

Day 18 was a good morning's rest, and a bubble bath.

Because then we had a wedding to get to!

Adam and Emily are SO stylish and creative.  Their entire venue was done out to this level of detail.  It must have taken so much time and effort and really made for a stunning reception!

We had great fun chatting with Dan and Brigitte.

I love a good photobooth!  Eileen and I had a whale of a time....

...before piling back in with Siobhán, Vixie, Lou and Shelley.  Just great fun!

So. Many. Cute. Little. Details.

A quick shot of Matthew and I.

Then alarms set, because Day 19 held....
...another wedding!  Matthew is ready - are you?

Love a good piper!

Don't they love marvellous?  Jo made a stunning bride!

Fantastic views from atop the Glass House Hotel.

Another shot with my favourite!

There was even a rainbow.

So very pleased for a very dear friend.  And the dancing was brilliant.  

Day 20: 500 ml cans of Irn Bru.  Amazing.

We popped over to Laura's to have a cup of tea and see her new pad.  Glorious fun.

Then it was off to Nando's....
...for a lovely supper with Matthew and Siobhán.  Always so great to see them.

And Day 20 finishes with a shot over Edinburgh as the sun sets.  I love that city; I hope we get to live there one day.

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#100 happy days: Days 11 -15

More glimpses of a lucky, lovely life.

Day 11 we celebrated Henry and his birthday.  So fortunate to have such a kind, clever and hilarious friend!

Day 12 was a video of Leela...imagine her purring up a storm and headbutting the phone out of my hand to get the desired effect!

Day 12 again, homemade huevos rancheros, heavy on the guac, chunky on the pico de gallo.

Day 13, up so early I had time for an iced coffee on the way to work.

Also Day 13, this hoodie arrived.  I love Mean Girls and have needed a new hoodie for a while, so when I saw this I had to indulge!

Day 14, coffee and marking and giggling at Romeo, one of next doors cats, sneakily trying to pop in for a snack and a snooze (he and the other neighbour cat, Simba, are very sweet and love to hang out with our gang!). 
Day 15, a looooong day.  But getting to bed is always a happy moment!

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#100 happy days: Days 6-10

More glimpses from the #100happydays challenge.  Are you taking part?

Day 6, Jeff (our patron dinosaur in 4T) on the moon.

Day 7, espresso martinis with Eileen....

...love this pretty girl!

Gogeous bright moon over Homerton.

Day 8, a gift from one of my lovely students.  Apparently, I am Princess Labelmaker.

Day 9, so lovely to listen to and watch the poetry recital at school.  Our boys ae so talented!

Day 10, a chance to stop, lie down in the garden, and enjoy the sunshine.  Perfect start to a weekend.

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