100 Happy Days: 46 - 50

Day 46 saw my hair and makeup trial for the wedding.  I love the natural look we managed to work out - as a girl who often goes makeup-less, I was worried about scads of product!

I like my hair too - pretty and simple, with a hint of my usual curly madness.

Most impressively, the whole look survived a 2 hour nap!

I love summer naps.

And winter naps.

Heck, any naps.

Day 47 saw time for Matthew to fly off to Portugal for his stag do!

 Meanwhile, Shona and I caught a cabaret!

Mmmmmm, elderflower.

Day 48 was all about morning cuddles with Poppet.

And exciting texts!

 And having a glass of wine and a bowl of salad for tea, while watching some SaTC.

Day 49, and Matthew had been away for 48 hours.  Leela was *desperate* to find him and trotted around the house for a good half-hour doing her patented Matthew-miaow (ma-maaaaaaoooooo).  Then we snuggled.

Day 50 I had a co-chair meeting for Junior League.  With wine and snacks.  So excited for the coming year!
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