100 Happy Days: 51 - 55

Zooming past the half way point!

This arrived at school...I'm slowly getting used to my name-to-be, but still get a kick out of seeing it!  Also, how cute are This Is Nessie's deigns?

Also on day 51, I attended a super fun blog meet up!  Prosecco, gambling, and a metric tonne of pizza.  Such fun!

Day 52 I headed to the o2 to see the magnificent Dolly Parton with Shona and her parents.  Such a brilliant gig!

Day 53, high fiving with Jenna.  Across an ocean.

Also day 53 - a girly tea of pitta, dip, veg.  When Matthew's away I tend to live on suppers like this!

Day 54, I inflated JEFF, the dinosaur I won at the aforementioned blog meetup.  Here he is rocking my ICT tie.

Day 55 Matthew and I attended the cocktail party thrown by the class parents.  Always a fun event, and I was beyond spoiled and got a sweet gift too.  Lucky girl!
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