Meal Planning Monday: July 28th

It's been a while since I did #mealplanningMonday, but when is better than in the midst of the summer break?  I'll be doing this for a couple of weeks, then will probably take a break when we hit our wedding frenzy!  After that I'll be hoping to do it every week - when life is busy (and with 9-12 hour days plus 2 hours commuting each day, it has to be described as busy) it's so nice to know food is sorted!

So, on with the plans:

Monday: 'Cheats' roast dinner - grilled chicken, boiled potatoes, vegetables, stuffing and gravy.

Tuesday: Soup with fresh bread for Matthew, as I am out for a long overdue catch up with the lovely Katie.  We are heading to an amazing Greek/Lebanese restaurant, so I'm looking forward to hummus, chicken, and salad!

Wednesday: I'm out at a new members event, but will make spicy conchiglie with chicken and peppers - so tasty and I can leave a plate for Matthew to heat up when he gets home - it reheats beautifully!

Thursday: Pitta bread pizzas - so easy and simple!

Friday: Salads, I think - at the moment in London it's pretty warm, so a lot of our meals are light and simple.

Saturday:  We are at a whatever the bride and groom decide!

Sunday: Beans on toast (with a smattering of mature cheddar for me).  Because sometimes it's exactly what you need!

Looking forward to linking up.  What's your go-to lazy tea?
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  1. I admire you. Even with my OCD, I can never plan meals that far ahead. (For reals, I have OCD, not making fun!)

  2. Love the thought of 'cheats roast dinner' the hubs keeps complaining that we never have roast dinners, maybe this will pacify him. Hope you have a great time at the wedding. :)


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