100 Happy Days: 61 - 65

When we returned from Cheltenham we headed for Sunday lunch at a friends' pub (Aldo & Jo) with two university friends of mine, Tim & Alasdair.  Delicious lunch, good chat, and a fuss with Mr Darcy, Jo's lovely doggie, into the bargain.  The sign made me giggle - Candy is Jo's name for me (she's Chips ;)).

On Day 62, the Tour de France came to our neck of the woods.  As in, our actual road.  My pictures were far too shoddy to share (those guys are fast!), but I did snap this one of a rather handsome chap!

I also went for a wee potter around B&Q, looking for new plants for the garden :)

On day 63, Fry was fascinated by wrapping ribbons.

Whereas I was smiling once more at my name-to-be.

The last day of school brought tears and smiles and flowers....

 ...and Poppet claiming another box as her own.

Day 65 was the first day of the summer holidays.

Look at that rain!
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  1. Enjoy your holidays! My cats adore boxes too - even when they are way too big to fit into them.


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