100 Happy Days: 66 - 70

Chocolate cake + caramel frosting = nom nom nom.

On day 67, Shona treated me to tickets to see Kristin Chenoweth at the Royal Albert Hall.  The concert was exceptional.  Then we had crepes and chats.

When I opened the box of school themed cookies one of my sweet boys had given me at the end of term, I found this!  I love all the little in-jokes I have with my class.

Yep, I think the candy bar will be pretty well stocked!

Although you might not guess is, Leela loves to invade in the mornings for cuddles and fusses!  I love how her little nose smudge makes her look so serious all the time!
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  1. Ms. Leela, Does your human insist on sharing the bed with you? We really must wean them from this habit. - Mandrake


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