Our wedding: Music for dancin'!

And now we come to our fourth and final playlist.

I told you these playlists were a project!

Our DJ, Marcus, was amazing and I'll be doing a proper write up on him and Mighty Fine (the company he works for) in the next month or so.  He and his tunes and his lights kept us all thoroughly entertained!

We gave him this whole playlist, but only specified the first two and last two songs.

Our first dance was 'Do You Realize?' by The Flaming Lips.  An odd choice, perhaps, but we love that song.  And then....it was Hammer TIME!

Our last two songs were 'Closing Time' by Semisonic (reminding us both of our youth!), and then The Proclaimers (da-da-da-da!) to wrap up the evening. Such fun!
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  1. That is a great list! I forgot about that Belinda Carlisle song.


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