Our wedding: The Ceremony

All photos once again courtesy of the multi-talented A Sweeney Photography.

Fair warning, there are lots of photos in this post.  But you don't get married every day, right?

Matthew and his groom team.

Nick ushering up a storm!

With my gorgeous bridesmaids and my dad.

Loved this part - so cute!

The boys realised bridal squad are on the way - action stations!

Pretty girls!

My parents walking me down the aisle.

Mum & Dad.

A shot of the whole shebang.

Singing away.

Hee.  I don't know what's going on here, but I do like that we both seem to be quite chilled and silly with it!

Henry read beautifully from Corinthians.

And Jane gave a gorgeous reading from Union.

Clearly deep in thought!

Getting a blessing.

Ooooh, exciting!

I'm so pleased we got the words right!

Husband and wife.

Signing the register, surrounded by so many of our favourites.

Yep, lots of beaming and grinning going on.

I was clearly thrilled to see my colleagues from the English department and their families!


Love this shot of my Auntie Sandra making sure we got hit with every last grain of confetti!

And we're married!  Off to the reception...
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  1. I am laughing at myself because as I go through these beautiful pictures, and I come across the lovely photo of your mum and dad, I notice myself in the background and think "hey! my legs look pretty good!"

    Oh narcissism.

    But what a lovely day! I will remember it fondly always.

  2. You are all so cute! I love the last pic from the limo ride.


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