Life Lately (According To Instagram)

Here's how things have been recently...

It's slow cooker season, so much yumminess has been added to the menu (above, beef in a red wine sauce with roasted Charlotte potatoes).

Lots of real coffee too - love my new cafetierre!

As we lollop towards the festive season, it's baking time.  Gingerbread, mint choc cake....

It's also Holiday Hampers time - above is the HUGE amount we were able to collect at school.  Inspired and touched by the generosity of my students!

There have been lots of snuggly weekend mornings :)

And reading sessions with my littlest reading buddy.

New box of food klaxon!

Tidying, organising, and planning.

I've been battling a chest infection and a back 'thing'.  This has involved my body waking me up most days.  At silly o'clock.

Quite.  A motivational message from my lovely boys!  :)

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  1. Gingerbread, mint choc cake...? Send me some please?! ;)

    1. Cake mail would be an amazing thing! :)

  2. Any chance you can share the mint chocolate cake recipe? I love anything mint chocolate! Also I got my first cafetierre this summer and I too love it! If you're looking for some great coffee, you should try out Pact-- wonderful! I can send you a code for a £1 trial if you're interested :)

    1. Hi Monica, believe it or not it was a cake made in a slow cooker, using mint aero! Yummy:

    2. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely try this at some point!

  3. Go you! Yes. I hope the things clear up soon x


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