Our Christmas

Our Christmas was cosy and homely and sweet and lovely.  A calm day full of good food, sweet memories, brilliant winter sunshine, far too many presents and a pile of kitty snuggles.  From first awaking (late) to dropping off after a few cocktails, it was wall to wall festive fun.  A truly special Christmas.  Here's a few glimpses of our day.

Poor Matthew has not been well for a while, so a big Christmas lie-in was definitely required.  Leela-paws came to join us for a snuggle - she loves solo time!

 Fry and Poppet were very interested in the happenings occurring in the kitchen!

Requisite Christmas selfie - as we don't spend the season with our families we like to send a few goofy pics to make them smile.

We went for a walk to the QE2 park before dinner - such a lovely way to work up an appetite.  Olympic level Christmas fun!

Loved sharing our first married Christmas together.

All ready for Christmas dinner a deux!

I concocted this cocktail, which I would compel you to try....

Christmas Yumminess

Add a healthy amount of ice to a shaker.

Add 1/4 cup gin (I used Tanqueray 10), 2 tbsp Chambord and 1/2 tsp vanilla.

Shake in a way that I would describe as vigorous, and the cats would describe as too darn loud.

Pour into a glass and top with chilled tonic water.


After watching a lot of very silly stuff (Community, Modern Family, Community, The Office) we had a late night snack (M: trifle.  C: leftover sandwich for the win, my friends!) and then headed up to bed.  Poppet decided our bed was her bed too.  Well, it was Christmas.

How was your day?
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  1. Really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work,
    all the best, Chantelle

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you're enjoying my brand of silliness.

  2. First married Christmases are always special. It sounds like you have lots of memories to cherish. Merry Christmas indeed!


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