Life Lately (According to Instagram)

A fun week, full of work and friends and visits.  January is busy, but it sure is fun!

I've been trying to plan some new and exciting lessons to mix in with some old favourites.  Always a fun part of the job.

Matthew and I had a lovely stay with Siobhán and 'her' Matthew.  We love spending time with this gorgeous couple!

There has been a lot of marking!

Some of my little ones and I are doing an impromptu food collection for the shelter Poppet, Leela and Fry came from originally.  I love how helpful and kind my students and their families are.  This was the collection on Monday morning, the first day.

Gummy bears help so much with planning and marking.

While in Edinburgh we met up with lovely Laura for (the biggest) lunch (in the world!).  Always lovely to see this sweet girl!

Speaking of sweet girls, here's Poppet helping me working on the calendar for March.

Yay!  Catch ups!

The wee ones, mid-circley-chasey-ness.  They are hilarious when they get started!

This month has been crazed, but lovely.  I'm hoping February is just as fun, but a little more chilled.
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