Learning more about Shoreditch with #LumiaStreetArt

Last week I was very kindly invited to go along to an evening walking tour of Shoreditch, where we'd explore the rich street art of the area, get to try out some Lumia phones, and feast on some sweet, sweet pizza.

As I spend a fair bit of time in that part of town and know slightly less than nothing about the street art I see there I thought I'd pop along.  The fact that we were dining at Pizza East didn't hurt either - I'd mentioned to my blog friend Sara that I'd been dying to try it mere hours before it was announced as the venue for dinner.  Serendipity!

We met by Shoreditch High Street station and then went on a big loop, checking out the many pieces of art on display.  I'd seen some of the things before but the tour really opened my eyes to how much I'd missed - there truly is art everywhere in this section of town and I learned so much about the street art scene in London and elsewhere from our very knowledgable guide, Karim.  We also had a photographer in attendance, Phil Hibberd, who was a goldmine of hints and tips.  Below are a few of my favourite pictures from the evening, all taken with a Lumia 930.


I've walked past this guy many a time on my way to and from Shoreditch/Spitalfields, so I couldn't resist including him.  I learned on the tour that he's a ROA creation.  This artist paints animals and wildlife on the side of buildings and the attention to details in mindblowing.  I couldn't get that kind of detail on a piece of paper, let alone several feet high on the side of a wall using spray paint.

Bloggers listening attentively to Karim.  His passion was tangible!

String as street art.  Reminded me of Emily and her passion for yarn bombing.

Karim was so good at sharing his knowledge and not being judgy if we were coming from a place of little to no knowledge of this kind of art (that'd be me, then!).

Some of the tags were super creative.

Action shot!

I love seeing these big graphics in town, and my mind was blown when I realised this is done freehand.

We chatted about stickers as street art, something I hadn't really countered before.  Made me think of Danny Wallace and his Join Me stickers back in the day.

I loved the colours and shading on this piece.  I also love that the first thing that springs into my head when I see GSA is the Girls' School Association....sometimes I am not very Shoreditch at all.

As the tour went on I feel like my eye got better and better.  As well as following what Karim was sharing, I was getting more and more confident with picking out pictures and pieces that caught my eye.  There were several of these icon pictures, such as the Mohammad Ali one above, scattered across the streets we visited.  Apparently there's a big divide in the street art scene between those who think only pieces done on site are true street art, whereas pieces which are brought in, like this, are a different, less authentic part of the scene...

There were little images everywhere on our tour.

As a big fan of the blue plaques we have here in the UK (marking the birthplaces and homes of key figures in the life of the nation), this ode to 'Crunchy' caught my eye.

There's Crunchy!

To the left of the picture, I was astounded to learn that the Hi-Fi sign was also freehand.  So talented.

A wall of art.

I loved this vibrant parrot, off the end of Brick Lane.

The scale of some of these pieces is mindblowing.

After a good bimble through Shoreditch and a wealth of art to see and discuss, we repaired to Pizza East for food and chatter.

Thank you so much to Microsoft and to Talented Talkers for inviting me to try out the Lumia & for a lovely evening - I enjoyed trying a new camera and enjoyed exploring the features available; I loved the ability to edit brightness and light levels on the spot!  I'd encourage anyone who's in London or who's visiting to head over to the glorious east to check out the street art on offer.  Even on a gloomy, rainy Tuesday, there was plenty to enjoy.

Standard proclamation:  I was invited to this event and in return took part in the tour and was gifted dinner.  And hilariously, a selfie stick.  As ever, all opinions, whether clever or inane, are entirely my own.

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  1. I love all the street art, especially the gaint hedgehog!

  2. wow; London in general has great graffiti art, but i'm guessing the best is in Shoreditch! thanks for the honest review and thanks for checking out my blog previously!


    1. Glad you enjoyed, well worth a visit!

  3. Great pictures! It looks like we were on the same tour :D


  4. Great pictures! It looks like we were on the same tour :D



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