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It's been a while since I did a catch up post, and it felt like high time for a little instagram sharing and filling you in on happenings here.  The first month of being a writer / blogger / something is proving challenging, fun and busy, and completely different to the usual September madness.  As lovely as starting the new school year with a class is, and how odd it is not to be doing so, it's refreshing to be enjoying the early stages of autumn, rather than racing straight through.  Here are a few of my latest snaps on instagram - if you'd like to follow me and enjoy all my little moments (heavy on London, culture, kits and cake!), I'm @cmclaire over there.

On Monday, I attended my first ever 'Literary Salon'. Arranged and compered by the lovely and charming Damian Barr of the Times and the Sunday Times, these gatherings bring together a wide range of authors and a superbly diverse audience to enjoy readings, conversation and wine. I'd been listening to the podcasts of this for a while but hadn't attended - they sell out swiftly! I entered a competition to win tickets and....won! Kaz and I gladly went along to listen to Jojo Moyes speak (and to hear the world premiere of her new book, After You), to hear John Lehr of the New Yorker on his collection Joy Ride (this man on theatre was amazing! Actors as "athletes of the spirit"), and to fangirl at the amazing Caitlin Moran, who treated us to a reading from her next book, Moranifesto. Spectacular! While waiting to say my farewells/congratulations I took this quick shot of Damian and his featured authors....and I kind of love it.

I was overjoyed to get to chat with the divine Ms Moran and say how much I enjoy her work.  She's so clever, and incredibly nice too.

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The literary salon took place in the Rumpus Room bar at the beautiful Mondrian Hotel, and the views were spectacular.  What a venue, what a night!

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I love an autumn sunset, so when I saw the sun bidding farewell the other night while waiting for Shona at Canary Wharf, I had to take a quick picture.  We were meeting there to go and see Trainwreck, which I loved.  I adored how much it made me react - I laughed, I cried, I spent a good portion cringing behind my hands... Amy Schumer is a funny, funny human.

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How often do you get a tube carriage to yourself?  Whenever I do I simply have to take a picture!

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I love getting everything planned ahead - each Sunday I sit down with my google calendar (where I log big things like dates, dinners, gigs and the like) and then do a detailed list plan for the week in the paper planner.  Ever the teacher...

I love taking pictures of our trio.  Leela has such a beautiful face!  #biased

The start of autumn has meant cosy jumpers, a little baking, and the heating going on for an hour or so on chilly days.  No complaints from this pair!

Matthew and I headed out to Hampstead Heath for a little leg stretch.  Love that part of town.

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I also made it to Selfridges with Vixie, where we had a good old look around the Christmas department, and I did my usual check in at Anthropologie.  Isn't this plate darling?

So there you have it - life is busy, life is good.  Another round up before too long, I'm sure.  Have a great weekend!
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  1. Hey! I am missing something...didn't know you left teaching. Email me details please!


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