A Crafty Sunday

A couple of weeks ago I was very kindly invited by Hillarys to attend a Crafternoon event, where we'd be making a variety of items inspired by their latest range of blinds and upholstery.  They've been holding these crafty get-togethers all over the country and I was very pleased to attend the London rotation.

We met at the always lovely Drink, Shop and Do near Kings Cross and settled down with lovely cups of tea and cake for those who wished to partake (I was far too stuffed from a gorgeous brunch at Christopher's to join in with that particular fun - such is the peril of a Sunday event!).

We had a great time making jewellry boxes and rosettes and I loved the new range of fabrics and style (particularly the 'Jewel' collection, which had me daydreaming of new curtains for my study for the cold winter months!  Very few pictures were taken on this occasion as I was reeeeeeeally concentrating.  Crafting is hard, yo.

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  1. I am so impressed that you all made it to the end with such lovely finished products unlike me!

  2. Thanks hon - it was work! Some of those girls are super crafty!


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