Rennie Happy Eating with Sorted Food

I love a good bit of youtube watching.  I often get stuck in loops, where Beyoncé's 'Flawless' runs into vintage JayZ into a TV clip, then a quote from a movie and so on.  These loops can take some interesting turns and are how I've found some of my favourite youtube creators and vloggers.

A group whose videos I always look forward to are the boys from Sorted Food, who specialise in inventive, fun food that's accessible and served up with plenty of fun and chat.  I've tried a few of their creations before, so when I got an email inviting me to an event they were part of I was very much looking forward to meeting them and getting a glimpse behind the scenes of their cooking.

The event was in conjunction with Rennie, which I think is a great brand/creator combo.  Anyone who loves their food knows all too well the feeling you can get when you've overindulged - great flavours aside you can sometimes end up feeling a little bloated, heartburn-y or worse for wear!The hashtag for the event was #renniehappyeating - I think happy eating is something we can all aspire to.

The event was hosted in trendy Shoreditch. I almost ended up in the wrong event entirely - a gaggle of teenage girls were waiting outside the venue for the band 5 Seconds of Summer, who were recording in the studio next door, and I almost got caught up in their frenzy! Once I'd sussed out which entrance was the correct one I was whisked up to a beautiful, big room with a fabulous kitchen in one corner where the boys would be demo-ing their creations.

While we waited for the main events we were treated to delicious canapes and glittery cocktails from Christabels.  I was utterly inspired by the latter and feel I should warn my acquaintances now that my Christmas cocktails this year are likely to cotain lashings of edible glitter! So pretty.  I had some great conversation with lovely bloggers I've chatted with before and met some lovely new bloggers too!

After a pleasant half hour or so of mingling, it was time to enjoy the cooking.  The savoury course was fried chicken with pandan pancakes.  I have opinions on fried chicken (grandmother from the South, y'all) and I only like good, moist, well done fried chicken.  I cannot abide the oily nonsense served up as fried chicken in many takeaways!  I'm pleased to say the Sorted Food boys brought their 'A' game and the chicken was great; succulent, juicy meat and crunchy, flavoursome coating.  The pandan pancakes were a fab new discovery - I hadn't heard of the ingredient before and loved the subtle nutty flavour it loaned to the dish as well as the unusual mint-green tinge it added to the pancakes!

For afters we had churros with a coffee-chocolate sauce.  I need very little prompting when it comes to churros, and I was so impressed with how Ben (the trained chef within the Sorted team) broke down the techniques and method to make what can be a fiddly recipe more accessible.  The churros were crisp and delicious and the sauce rich and dark.  Perfect street food!  After the churros were made (and devoured!) we had a fun Q & A before ten of the bloggers were enrolled in the Mystery Box challenge.....

Thank you very much to Rennie for inviting me and to the Sorted Food gentlemen for a fun and stimulating evening.

If you'd like to try the fried chciken or the churros for yourself, the recipes can be found by clicking through:

Fried Chicken and Pandan Pancakes

Churros with Chocolate Coffee Sauce

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  1. Your grandmother is from the southern US? This sounds like a fun event - I love food demos.

    1. It was brilliant! My Nana is originally from Lancashire but has been American as long as I've known her :)

  2. Those cocktails were AWESOME! Glitter in all the things!

    So lovely to see you again as always!!

    Erin | Islandbell xxxx

    1. Always a treat. Such a fun event - the guys were so nice!

  3. That looks like so much fun! And you are so photogenic that I'm...well, jealous. ;)

    1. You are, as ever, WAY too kind. My cheesey grin likes a camera.

  4. Was so good to see and catch up with you Claire, it was such a fun evening!!! :)

    Lucy xx


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