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One of my favourite things to do here on the blog is share some of my favourite bloggers with you.  The I Love Your Blog series gives me a chance to do this and to celebrate some of the people whose writing I go back to again and again.  There are so many wonderful writers and bloggers out there - I love being able to feature them here.

This week I'll be sharing an interview with the lovely Sara of Hello The Mushroom.  Sara is a stylish and intelligent blogger who's also a total sweetie - I love bumping into her at blog events here in town.  It was great to be able to feature her and to hear a little more of her take on blogging, writing, and life here in town. All pictures included are taken by the very talented Sara.

How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging since Livejournal times, around 2003. Back then blogging was a lot different and so was what I was doing. I did that for a few years and stopped. After a couple of years hiatus and moving to the UK, I started my current blog, Hello The Mushroom in 2010 or so. It has evolved a lot and hopefully it will continue to do so!

What do you blog about?  Do you have a specific goal with your blog (i.e. reviewing products, promoting a business, transitioning into a writing / media / digital career), or is it more a record of your life?

I blog about lifestyle in general, as I like so many different things and it would be hard to choose just one to focus on. At the moment I planning a large overhaul of my content, as I enjoy what I am doing at the moment, but can't seem to find the time to blog about other themes I am really passionate about - art, tattoos, and some other less mainstream subjects. 

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

The opportunity to have a voice, a creative outlet where you can do whatever you want and of course, meeting some amazing, cool people such as yourself*! Also the opportunity to work with brands should not be forgotten. 

* thank you, Sara! - Claire :)

What is your least favourite thing about blogging?

I think that sometimes it can make me feel like I have to do everything perfectly. It can be a little bit anxiety inducing, when you start thinking you're not doing enough on the blog. Also the pressure to be on social media all the time can be a little daunting. 

Do you have any favourite posts on your blog – pieces you’re really proud of, which document something special, or which seemed to strike a chord with your readers?

My favourite posts are the ones that I get to show what the world looks like through my eyes and these are usually mostly photo heavy. I like writing but creating imagery gives me a lot of pleasure. I think that one of my most commented/ shared posts was one I did on dating a few months ago. It seemed to have struck a chord with a lot of people, who were feeling the same frustrations. 

Whose blogs do you love?  I’m always looking for recommendations :) 

I am currently having some difficulty finding time to stay on top of other blogs, but when I do, I like looking at Brain Pickings, Messy Nessy Chic, Hecticophilia to just name a few I visit regularly. 

What has been the most surprising moment in your blogging career so far?

All of it, really. If you had told me back in 2003 that I'd be getting a new career in London on the back of the things I've learned because of blogging, I'd be telling you "get outta here!"

I love the images you take and select for your blog - how do you get such amazing shots and find such brilliant locations?

I carry my camera with me frequently and make sure my phone always has juice, as you never know what you might stumble upon. I have always loved taking photos, ever since I was a child, as my dad had a love of photography and gave me my first point and shoot film camera when I was 9 or something. Because I've always had a penchant for art and I had some formal art education (having sone a lot of drawing, painting and collage back in the day), I believe that with time and also looking at other people's work all the time has educated my eye and I can easily see an interesting shot. However, I mostly used point and shoot cameras all my life and I have only had a decent camera for around a year. Proper photography and a lot of the good photos you see are still a product of happy / lucky coincidences. I am learning more about controlling my camera (albeit slowly) and hopefully my images will get better and less of a product of chance!

Your city based posts are always a real treat - you have a real eye for outdoor shots.  Is there a particular city you'd like to visit and shoot?

Thank you! Those are the type of posts I really enjoy doing. I have sooo many places I'd love to go to... Stockholm, Rome, Tokyo, just to name a few! One day, one day...

What tips do you have for bloggers growing and nurturing their blogs?

Don't be afraid of making mistakes, just get your posts out there. Perfection is the enemy of action and it's very easy to overthink situations. you just have to remember that you learn from your mistakes. Also, pay attention to the details that will help your blog get more visible (check out the blog post I did on easy SEO tips for bloggers- shameless plug, I know). 

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Sara - I loved having the chance to feature you here!

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  1. Blogging has been a huge gift to me.
    An invitation into other people's worlds. Beauty. Education. Delight.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. We are all so lucky to have a platform like this.

  2. Replies
    1. Please do - Sara has such a great eye!

  3. Thank you for doing this interview - it's been a pleasure!


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