My Christmas Playlists: songs for Entertaining!

Here in the Roper household the Christmas preparations continue apace.  One of my favourite jobs to do in advance is to mix up a few playlists of favourite Christmas tracks for entertaining, present wrapping, baking and decorating.  A couple of weeks ago I posted my 'pop' playlist, and now it's time to share my entertaining mix.  With fun parties and get-togethers on the cards it's great to have a fun playlist to have in the background.  In the olden days (so, the 1990s and the noughties) I'd make these into mixtapes or mix CDs.  In our modern, digital world that's a little old school so instead please enjoy a youtube mix:

Or click through to enjoy this mix over on spotify!

Next week I'll share my favourite sacred/choral music for the season.  So many favourites!

How are your Christmas preparations going?  Do you have many parties planned?
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  1. I love that some Sufjan made your list! xx

    1. Thank you! I love me a Sufjan moment.


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