Life Lately (According to Instagram)

Has been fizzy and whizzy and fun.  Visiting friends, enjoying London, getting my fibit on, Junior League adventures, writing and working and cooking....the whirl is real.

Here are a few recent insta snaps to share.

I love these pencils!  I was gifted some 30 Rock ones last Christmas, and as a payday treat I bought myself some with Heathers quotes and the phrase "Haters Gonna Hate," because T-Swizzle.

Last Saturday Matthew and I had the funnest evening working on honeymoon plans!  I'm so excited for Vegas and Hawaii.  Homemade martinis with Tanqueray 10 (a fave) helped the creative process immensely.

Leela has been such a cuddle bear recently.  She's a big Vanderpump Rules fan, it turns out....

I've been walking lots, aiming for 10,000 steps each day.  Some days that's a big ask, on others it's a breeze.  The gorgeous spring weather we're having is certainly helping!

Fry *loves* when the heating comes on!

FaceTime with Miss Christy always improves an evening.

This past weekend I had a super fun time at the 'Country 2 Country' festival with Shona.  Such a great atmosphere and some amazing acts.  Lady Antebellum, Florida Georgia Line, Striking Matches, The Shires and Lee Ann Womack were my top five, for sure!

The little quips my Human app gives me make me giggle!

This girl makes me smile!

And this is Poppet's happy place.  Her purr when Matthew gets in from work is something to behold (or should that be be-hear?).

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