Which wine wins?

This morning I find myself contemplating haggis and wine.

Two of my favourite things!

Here in the Roper household we are looking forward to celebrating Burns' Night this evening, with a chicken and haggis pie (recipe to follow in a couple of weeks).  We'll be enjoying a nip of whisky alongside, as is traditional when toasting the motherland, but I'm stuck on what sort of wine to serve in addition to this.
Luckily, the lovely folks at Roberson Wine sent me over this fun infographic to share, which handily advises on which wine to pair with different foods!  I really enjoyed learning more about which wines partner best with certain foods - if you click through on the infographic you'll be taken to a full size version so you can have an 'every day is a school day' moment as well!

After this advice I'll be looking out for a lovely medium-bodied Burgundy with my shopping today, which should both complement the chicken, while offseting the lovely spiciness of the haggis.  I'm getting peckish just thinking about it!

Which are your favourite wines to share?

Disclaimer: Roberson's created this infographic which I am sharing here in a sponsored post.  As ever, I only share content that I like, enjoy, or find handy!  I think it's a really useful little guide, and I'm always up for learning more about how to get food and wine to work together. 
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