#100daysoffresh update 2, days 6-10

The #100daysoffresh fun continues over on my instagram, with each day presenting new ways to make delicious and nutritious goodies.  It's inspiring me to create and try new flavours - I'm eating so well!  Here's some recent goodness.

Day 6: 

Love a good, slightly geometric, salad.  Courgette, cucumber, tomatoes and pepper.  Perfect crunchiness!

Day 7:

Freshness for breakfast - what a way to start a week!  Spinach, tomatoes, scrambled egg, guacamole and salsa.

Day 8:

Pan-fried courgette and peppers, with a honey and balsalmic glaze - perfect for an April day with snow.

Day 9:

Loved this creation, a new one for me.  Shaved pieces of sweet potato, roasted in a little olive oil.  Quartered slices of courgette, roasted in olive oil and chilli & garlic flakes.  Halfway through the roasting time add some pieces of feta to the courgette roasting dish.  Complete roasting, plate up, and drizzle with a little honey.  Devour with such gusto that you end up with small spatters on your teeshirt.  Regret nothing.*

*Last two steps optional.

Day 10:

Some days, you just need a sandwich....soft wholemeal bread, homemade basil butter, then loaded up with thick slices of deli chicken, halved miniature plum tomatoes, and loads of spinach.

So good.
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  1. Oh my Claire, you've made me so hungry! Love this 100 days project x

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying :) I'm loving trying new combinations and focusing on the visuals!

  2. Such a good idea, although you are a star for sticking to it. I have zero willpower and by day 3 would be at the chocolate.
    Heroine In Heels

    1. Haha, don't worry - as well as the freshness I'm making a little time for chocolate. And cocktails!


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