A chocolate explosion with farfetch

A couple of weeks ago an email dropped into my inbox, inviting me to an evening of chocolate making at the new London HQ of farfetch.  Having read about farfetch in Fast Company recently I was intrigued to learn more about the brand, and the allure of chocolates and a shiny new office to explore (plus a handy location around the corner from a friend's for a cheery post-event wine) made it a firm 'yes' from me.

Upon arrival at the sleek and fabulous offices I was soon sat at a table with a bevvy of other bloggers, some of whom I'm met before, such as Erin and Laura, and others who I hadn't encountered before.  We were soon chatting away over delicious chocolate-themed cocktails that were incredibly moreish - I was very glad I had made my lunch a salad!

We had a lovely tutorial in how to make truffles with the lovely Lisa from The Cocoa Box. We all had a lovely time whipping up decadent chocolate ganache truffles and coating them with vermicelli, raspberry sprinkles, and cocoa powder.  Chocolate making may not be the most photogenic of events, but the truffles turned out to be divine - a perfect little indulgence!

Stirring ganache turns out to be quite the upper arm workout!

Mmmmmmmm - my truffles turned out more dodecahedronal than spherical because of my warm hands.  Le sigh, this is the same thing which prevents my making pastry of note. 

Ready for gifting!

All in all I had a glorious time and was glad to hang with some other bloggers and learn a little bit about chocolate making and farfetch - their range of boutiques is so impressive and has me lusting after many a handbag.  Handbags are my fashion love language.  I also really like the 'Farfetch Curates Food' books they gave us in our goodie bags - beautiful photos of food, restaurants and cocktails were just the thing to peruse over the long and lazy bank holiday weekend.

Veggies!  Yay!

Thank you to farfetch for hosting, and the Lisa and the other attendees for making it such a fun evening!

Disclaimer, as per: I was invited to attend this event and received cocktails and the chance to make chocolate truffles (and a bit of a mess, in my case) in return.

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  1. Well, you know what they say about warm hands - warm hands, warm heart, no winter gloves ;)

  2. Those chocolate cocktails look amazing!


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