Sunday, May 15, 2016

#100daysof fresh, days 21 - 25

All fresh, all the time, my lovelies!  More adventures in wholesome, delicious, good-looking food.  This coming week is National Vegetarian Week and I'll be going veggie for the whole week - this challange has me feeling prepared and excited about doing so!

Day 21

The first freshness I didn't actually make during this challenge, but boy did I enjoy it - cauliflower cheese bake and sweet potato croquettes, anyone?

Day 22

Back to homemade! Apple and berry smoothie - so good!

Day 26

A big old bowl of stir fried veggies and noodles making for a delicious, filling lunch!

Day 24

It may not look like much, but on Friday this was manna from heaven. I was craving....pretty much every naughty food on the planet. And when that's the case I need something scrumptious to distract me....this squash, roasted with honey then mashed, always fits the bill!

Day 25

Made some mini bottles of a favourite juice to store in the fridge. Carrot, spinach and apple - perfect for a quick morning boost!

I'm loving my #the100dayproject. So many great fruits and veggies....and so much time.


  1. All of your fresh food posts give me SUCH bad food envy! The noodles look absolutely delicious!

    Erin xxx

    1. Thanks, sweetie! Love me some veggies - excited to go vegetarian all next week and eat even more of them.

  2. The squash looks so yummy, like you said it doesnt look like much but I too enjoy having some just like that and nothing else

    1. Sometimes the simple things are the best, aren't they? :)

  3. The smoothie looks amazing! I think it's such a good way of getting your fruit in!

    1. Such a great way, you're absolutely correct - loved changing up which fruits I include.

  4. All of these recipes looks amazing. The first meal looks so nice and healthy, and I love the Idea of green healthy juice. Yummyy x

    1. Green juice is such a fave! Makes me happy inside and out.

  5. Those smoothies look amazing, you have skills! Did you find it tough giving up meat for the week or are you not much of a meat eater?

  6. Sign me up for the apple and berry smoothie please.


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Hi, I'm Claire...

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