#100daysoffresh: Days 16 - 20

This little project is such fun.  I love fruits and veggies, but this is a great way to share the many ways I incorporate them into my diet, and it's inspiring me to try new recipes, combinations, fruits and vegetables.  Here's the latest on my #the100dayproject.

Day 16

So simple, so tasty!  A crisp apple sliced up, with peanut butter for dipping.  I'm not the biggest snacker anymore, but when I do this is a firm favourite.

Day 17

The first of these lovely sunny days we've been having, which called for a picnic lunch!  I packed up my favourite tiffin box (similar to this, just in different colours - so great for outside dining), marched off to vote, then met my friend Natalie in the QEOP for a catch up over salads.  Crudites, meat and cheese, and a simple strawberry and spinach salad.  Such a fave.

 Day 18

I knew I had a busy evening ahead (I went to Cluequest with a bunch of other blogging lovelies - post to follow!) so a hearty salad was in order.

Day 19

I made a simple pasta sauce, sauteing peppers, courgettes and plum tomatoes, plus a little bacon.  We served this on top of sweet potato 'noodles' - a first for me.  I liked them!  The consistency and taste is a little odd to begin with (visually you're expecting pasta, and it's not pasta!), but the more I ate the more I enjoyed.  Very simple to prepare (these are the ones we made) and filled me up brilliantly, with no post-pasta bloat to deal with.

Day 20

My homemade muesli, topped with apple and strawberries. Such a yummy breakfast!

So we are now a fifth of the way through - more to come, lots of flavours and foods to try. There are so many fun projects to check out through the main hashtag for #the100dayproject - inspiration abounds!
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  1. Some lovely food ideas here. I try and eat fresh as much as I can. Apple and peanut butter is one of my favourite snacks!!

    Katie x


    1. It's just the best - so simple and tasty!

  2. These all look yummy especially the pasta sauce. Something I would really enjoy I think x

    1. Thanks so much - love making sauces from scratch!


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