Food: My Cherries and Berries Cocktail

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by the lovely folks at Appletiser to concoct a cocktail using their product, to be featured on their website.  I had great fun mixing, slicing, concocting and perfecting....and ended up with three delicious drinks, rather than the specified one.


So, I wrote up the 'Toffee Apple' and sent that over to the team helping Appletiser, and though I'd share the other two here in the fullness of time.  I adore making new cocktails and it's high time I started sharing more of my creations here - it's not just soups and cakes chez Roper!  This fruity drink is a real delight and I've made it several times since my first concoction - it would also be very easy to create a mocktail by omitting the alcoholic elements, leaving you with a delicious fruity cup!

Cherries and Berries


Fresh raspberries
Fresh strawberries
Cocktail cherries (optional)
Strawberry puree (I used this version)
Absolut Cherrys* vodka 

*(the brand name has it as Cherrys, I haven't mangled a plural!)

Method (for one cocktail, multiply as necessary for your crowd)

1. Take a medium sized tumbler or glass.  After washing your fruit, add four raspberries and one strawberry, quartered, to the glass.  If you're using cocktail cherries (I did because M loves them), add those too.

2. Add enough strawberry puree to the glass to cover the fruit.

3. Add 1 tablespoon of Chambord.

4. Pour in 25ml of the cherry vodka.

5. Top up the glass to the rim with Appletiser, stir and serve.

Such a fruity, refreshing cocktail - it's fast become a house favourite!

Disclaimer, baby: Appletiser paid for my ingredients in order to make a cocktail for them.  I ended up devising three, so will share the 'extra' two here!
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  1. These sound absolutely amazing and probably quite refreshing too x

    1. Really lovely on a sunny evening, the fruitiness is lush.

  2. Hi this sound absolutely delicious. I want to try this out now. xx

    1. Let me know how you get on! So easy and yummy.

  3. Oh wow, this looks absolutely delicious :)

    1. Thanks hon! Just wait for next week's one, which involves...gin...


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