#100daysoffresh, days 36 - 40.

While I'm a little behind in posting about it, I am keeping up with my #100daysoffresh mission. I love making and enjoying healthy, tasty food, so it's a great little project! Here's some of the recent good stuff :)

Day 36

An evening at Rawligion had me utterly spoiled for fresh food choices.  This kelp in vegan pesto was showstopping!

Day 37

Is anyone else having a total asparagus moment at the current time? Cooked, topped with a little soft cheese, drizzled with a honey-balsamic dressing. Delicious!

Day 38

My homemade muesli is pretty yummy at the best of times, but paired with walnut-date milk? Gorgeous, and oh so satiating!

Day 39

This is one of my favourite juices - when the snack monster comes calling a glass of this is just the trick. It's insanely simple (spinach, carrot, apple, water) but the slight sweetness is perfect at 11 or 4 when your willpower might be waning....

I kept the slumbering Leela in shot because it made me laugh! She loves to perch in the boxes across from the work surfaces where I prep - she can see what's going on but doesn't get told off for being up on the side.  She's such a good sous-chef!

Day 40

I was going to make my own flatbread....but was missing a key ingrediest. So I grabbed a naan out of the freezer and topped it with spicy red pepper tapenade, vine-ripened cherry tomatoes, and soft goats cheese. Lunch of champions, right there.

I'm loving playing with different flavours and ingredients as we move into the warmer days. What ingredients are you loving right now?
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  1. Oh my goodness, these all look so healthy. I love the naan pizza. Never thought of that as an idea. A tasty meal that can be prepared in a jiffy. What's not to like!? Tx

  2. Your ideas are both healthy and look so delicious. I love asparagus so might try this one.


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