Thursday, June 02, 2016

The great study project, part 1

Warning, many pictures of a very messy workspace ahead.

I'm a very lucky girl, in that I get to have my own little office in our home. Space to write, create and craft is such a treat, and one I'm so grateful for. I've enjoyed having a study on the first floor of our home since we moved across in 2012, but as my life and work has changed, so have my workspace needs.  Which is why it got quite this messy....

Boxes of resources, craft supplies and things to store, but not enough space to do so.

It also didn't help that the window in this room in Poppet's favourite thing, meaning that I'd be grappling with a tricky paragraph and being harassed by a loud, angry (but still adorable) cat mewling to come in and be fussed at the same time. Cats don't really get the writing process. Or at least, my writing process - Poppet has a dab paw for the written word.

While I was teaching the set up was perfect, but now I wanted a new space with better storage and more room for writing and photography. So we decided to start the long (it's taking quite some time as I chip away at it!) process of moving all this stuff, plus the boxes I brought back from my old classroom, into my new study on the top floor. I'll be doing update posts on the midway point and the finished work later this month!

We bought two big Kalla units for extra shelf space in the new room. Matthew is so sweet, I think he's finally made peace with the fact we'll always have a lot of books around...

This is the view from the far corner of the room.  Once I've cleared the other things away, my desk will be underneath that big skylight - I'm so looking forward to having a workspace so flooded with natural light!

So that's how it looks now - expect a midway report soon, before the finished room is ready to share! I have such big plans for this space.

Do you have any big home projects on the agenda this month?

I've linked up with the Home Etc team, if only to make people laugh at the current chaos.

Home Etc


  1. Aw bless the kitty wants attention. I love your workspace it is a great haven to call your own!

    1. Ha! Worry not, there will be kitty beds aplenty in the new room - our three love hanging out!

  2. Looks like you are getting organised with the storage! We live in a flat and we try and be very organised or there would be clutter everywhere.

    1. We definitely have an ebb and flow, but this is a big decluttering project!

  3. I have a home office too, and that has turned into a bit of a dumping ground. Looking forward to seeing the transformation.

    1. Thanks Emma - definitely a work in progress, but I'm excited to crack on!

  4. Seriously, the Kalla unit is the SAVIOUR of everything, isn't it? I just wish they weren't so seriously easy for kids to empty out in about 20 seconds!

    1. It's so wonderful - we have four of them dotted around the house!

  5. If I had a study, it'd definitely be like yours is currently! Love the Kalla unit too! :D

    1. The struggle, Milly! Too many paper products, always my downfall.

  6. Aaah I'm in the same boat at the mo! We're currently in the middle of building an office space for me. It's a giant shed in the garden and it's taking AGES to finish! Cannot wait until I can move all my stuff in! Thanks so much for linking up with us on #HomeEtc — Caro xx

    1. Oh my goodness, a workshed? That's the dream, Caro! Looking forward to reading more!


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