The Shower Principle

I first heard about the shower principle on an episode of 30 Rock. 

I have learned many things from 30 Rock, as it stands.

Jack explains to Liz Lemon that the shower principle is the idea meaning that when you empty your mind of all the noise of the world, then great ideas can flourish. Whether you're playing golf, meditating, or simply taking a shower, some of your best ideas can blossom when you're focused away from the multitude of pulls modern life has on you.

I certainly find this to be true - it's often when I'm walking, or in the shower, or kneading bread, or something else routine and monotonous and steady, that I get my big ideas. Away from screens and other people, calm and relaxed, that's where most of my good ideas come up. And apparently I'm not alone - I was sent this infographic by Mira Showers, which shows that many of us have similar ponderings in the shower.

I'm a stats geek, so I was intrigued by some of the findings in the research behind the infographic.  Apparently 29% of Londoners think of comebacks to arguments.... I don't. But then, I don't argue often.  I love a good debate (movies, politics, ethics, cheese...) but I don't actually like fighting. And 14% of people brush their teeth in the shower. I totally do this! If I'm having a quick morning shower, why not multitask?

I think I'd like to do my own shower research based on this infographic, because I think there's more to learn! I may cook up a google form to find out more. For example, how many people sing in the shower? What do they sing? How long do people take in the shower? What's the preferred temperature? What's the best idea they've ever come up with in the shower? When do people shower - are they early birds or nighttime owls? Who listens to music? Who prefers baths?

Man, I'm intrigued now. I feel some research coming on!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post - the infographic just got me thinking!

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  1. Lol! I come up with my best ideas when I'm asleep!

    1. Haha, another great time - I have a notebook next to my bed for this very reason!

  2. I only sing on the weekend usually as I am more awake for my showers. I tend to break out power ballads, Butch Walker and Taylor Swift. Now you know about mine!


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