Saturday, July 30, 2016

On Friendship

When I woke up this morning, blissfully late, for once, at nine o'clock (my midthirties body tends to wake up at six or seven most days. It's handy for most days but does mean I miss those long lazy lie-ins of my teens and twenties), I checked twitter as I made a coffee and got ready for the day. And there I discovered that today is International Day of Friendship. Which is handy, because I've been meaning to write about friendship for a few weeks now. So what better timing could there be than on the day we celebrate friendship itself?

It goes without saying that I love my current friends. I also have a lot of love for the friends who I've lost touch with, fallen out with, or that I simply don't see enough as the tides of life have swept us apart. I'm a big believer that people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, and I'm constantly marvelling at the gifts and lessons my friendships have brought me.

Growing up as a military brat, friendships always had a transitory, befriend-quick-cut-ties-quick element to them. It'd hard to believe that you'll be friends forever when at any moment you can be posted hundreds of miles away. But these friendships taught me about the power of connection, the joy of shared passions.

Going to a boarding school where the friendship groupings felt pretty darn Game of Thrones was a challenge too. For someone who grew up feeling like she didn't belong, the dorms and forms and constant company was a blessing, but the politics of friendship were at times exhausting. These friendships taught me about loyalty, honesty, and being true to yourself.

Joining a school at sixteen where a good portion of your classmates had known each other since primary school was challenging, but by then I was far more comforatble in myself and I made some good, silly friends there, many of whom I still see from time to time, popping up on facebook in new jobs, with newborns, getting married, and a few of whom are real, true friends.

And then came university, and after that, adulthood, and a raft of women who have changed me, challenged me, inspired me, loved me, cheered me on, believed in me and made my life a richer, happier, more wonderful place. I've made friends through work, hobbies, blogging, mutual friends and I am so, so grateful for the people I get to do life with. Some people were friends for a few months or a few years but I'm grateful for what they taught me, and what they brought into my life. Some people have stayed the course and the cast of my life is one I'm thankful for, every single day.

To have friends to love is one of the chief joys of my life, and in case I don't say it enough (I always worry about that), thank you thank you thank you to my wonderful friends. I truly don't deserve you, but I'm so blessed to know each and every one of you. Thank you for making my life the beautiful place it is. Watching you all as you absolutely crush it, writing beautiful things; creating gorgeous homes; nailing difficult, challenging jobs; parenting adorable children (and puppies and kits, of course); traveling, growing and learning is the absolute best. I love you.

And to close, some soppy pictures - just a few moments with some of my friends. Note to self though: get some more recent pics with some of the crew! Choosing these pictures I'm reminded how lucky I am, truly.


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  2. Love you lady! Friends are simply the best!

    1. The feeling's mutual, lovely one! Very lucky to have made friends with you :)

  3. Aww such a lovely post, you have an amazing circle of friends around you. Love watching your adventures on snapchat and great to have finally met you 'in real life' too! ;)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Oh thanks so much, I loved meeting you in the flesh too (and cheering you on with gusto too!).

  4. I can imagine you being a lovely loyal friend!

    1. That's really kind of you to say. I try my best - I'm lucky to have the people I do.

  5. Awww this is a lovely post with so many lovely pics of familiar faces (including my own!).

    I love friendship. It's truly the part of life that sustains me the most.

    I feel that in the past year I've been struggling at keeping up with a lot of my friendships due to workload, and just a general tendency to look inward these days. I need to pull myself out of my shell and reconnect with lots of people including YOU! Good thing you'll be in Toronto at the end of Sept and we can catch up over my obsession (the Jays). I can't wait to sing "OK Blue Jays" and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" with you during the 7th inning stretch.

    Love you lots and I'm so glad that you are my friend. xoxoxoxo


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