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For the last little while I've been trying to get a handle on how I approach keeping our house neat and tidy. We are very lucky to have the space we do, but recently I've been a bit worried and stressed by the clutter, and wanted to put a new rota in place so I could keep up with everything. I also wanted to create a system that meant we had less to do on weekends so we could relax, or work on any bigger house projects then.

I should probably add that Matthew is an absolute housework marvel - he's such a great gardener, sorts laundry like a boss, washes dishes every day and is better than I am when it comes to hoovering! In this season, however, when he's out at work for so much of the day during the week while I work from home I wanted to create a rota where I could clear most of the stuff during the weekdays. With no commuting and fewer pulls on my time of the same urgency, I wanted to take up more of the work so that when we do get time together we can have more fun, with fewer chores to do!

I've experimented with rotas for keeping the house tidy, both monthly ones and weekly ones, but I've never quite hit a rhythm. So this time I thought I'd pitch myself something between the two, with a fortnightly rota. With all the shopping, cleaning and little tasks like popping to pick up parcels or get the dry cleaning, this works out at a very sensible five tasks a day, plus one each on weekend. With a few 'daily dos' as well, this should cover everything, with more time available on weekends when bigger jobs or tasks like spring cleaning, charity shop runs, or getting the Christmas decorations up emerge. I'll keep you posted!

How do you organise your cleaning and tidying?

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  1. YES! This is a superb idea and one that I need too. I fall into days of nothing then manic sessions! good luck :) #HomeEtc

  2. This is an amazing idea Claire — I cheat and have a lovely cleaner who does 3 hours every week but it's still not enough. I'm going to steal your chart and adapt it for our house!! Brilliant — thanks so much for sharing :) Caro xx #HomeEtc

  3. I have a rota too, I schedule tasks in my online to do list and can set the frequency of them there, and which day of the week they appear. I find it invaluable as a list ticker I want to get things done! #homeetc


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