Getting comfortable with the #KnitwearCareClub

Last month the lovely folk at George at Asda asked me if I'd like to take part in their #KnitwearCareClub. They are prepping for autumn by talking all things cosy, warm and knitted over on their blog, and they wanted me to join in the fun, by having me share my tips for caring for knitwear (mine? Check those darn care labels and invest in a nifty little bobble hoover/destroyer to keep things looking neat and kempt).

So far, so good, right?

However, there was a whole other job to do too, which I've been putting off for a little while. The lovelies at George sent me a little bundle of goodies, including two pieces of knitwear (I went for this stripy delight and a burnt orange longline cardigan/jacket). I love them both and they are super comfy, but I've been shying away from doing an outfit post, and that has nothing to do with the threads.

The reason?

I really hate how I look right now.

I feel fat and frumpy and awkward and am just in a phase where I don't want to be in photos much, at all. Do you ever have those moments? In life I can style them out fairly well, but with an outfit post's hard.

However, yesterday I decided to get the frick over it. My need to meet deadlines and be reliable neatly trumped my loathing of my belly and chins. I'm being more sensible about my eating and exercise, ahead of a decent healthkick I'll be embracing post-holiday, but for now, this is me.

And that's okay. My body may be larger than I'd like, my hair may be fluffy because September humidity is not the one, and I'm totally make up free because my eczema is having a moment, but these clothes are comfy and it's time for a post. Here are the pictures I managed to shoot (note to self, work of fashion poses. Tyra would despair).

Is this how I want to look, longterm? Nah.

Is it how I do look, right now? Yep.

So let's do this.

My arms = too short for selfies.

Better angle - please appreciate the pile of books and stuff on my right...

We've done it!

By Jove we've done it!

We've found the opposite of #slay!

Wonky head angle 1.

Wonky head angle 2.

Oh, oh, hand on hip!


Despite my utter lack of modelling ability (were all those hours of America's Next Top Model for naught?), the cardigan still looks good! It's really pretty and the colour is brilliantly autumnal. I'm looking forward to pairing it with jeans, a long sleeved tee and boots, whenever we are out of the grips of the heat!

The stripy jumper is very, very me - I am such a sucker for the nautical! It's very comfy and will be perfect for long winter walks or curling up with a cup of tea and a great book from my TBR pile.

This is also the point where I started to chill out about the whole photographing oneself element of the proposition.

Here I was trying to use the self timer. As you can see, I failed.

I normally hate my shovel hands, but frick it, they are in. Without them I'd be a lot worse off, so bring on the self love, even of my chin fiesta, my frowny lines and my man-hands.

In conclusion, a report card.

Comfy jumpers: A

OOTD ability: D

Cheesey grins: B

Getting over self-loathing: C

Plenty of room for improvement, but not a complete disaster, and the knitwear is on point. Thank you so much to George for including me in their #KnitwearCareClub! Turns out these comfortable clothes have made me a little more comfortable with myself.

Disclaimer: I was gifted these items by George, and they are hella cosy. All opinions, selfies, attempts at modelling and general angst? All mine, baby!
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  1. You look really good, I know what you mean about feeling a certain way, I think we all can get like that from time to time x

    1. Thanks, honey - I just had a total moment!

  2. you look your usual bubbly, affable, inspiring self. don't fret mama, you look a bloody TREAT in that striped number. if there's ever been a "more you than you" top, it's this.

    1. Thanks babe. Team stripe for life :) Hope your leg is okay!

  3. I think we all get days where we feel like that .. particularly when we have to put on chunkier clothes and take pictures. You did well, very well x

  4. Love the colour of that cardigan. And well done for getting in front of the camera, you look great x

  5. These look really great! The colour of the cardigan is perfect for autumn.

  6. You look absolutely lovely without makeup and I loved the striped jumper on you! Keep cosy, enjoy autumn and...oh, I don't know...curl up with a good book or something! :-)

  7. "Plenty of room for improvement" - I love that, you're improving just by writing about your thoughts on photos and your self image.
    I think you look brilliant so I wouldn't worry too much! As for the knitwear, the blue nautical is definitely my favourite :)

  8. I really love that stripey jumper and is definitely one I would be wearing!

  9. Oh it makes me sad reading how hard you are on yourself! I think you look lovely and the stripe jumper is lush xx

  10. I actually look amazing and you look so damn cute in the first outfit well all of them x

  11. I love the blue stripped jumper its really nice and you look great in the photos.

  12. You look fab! I really REALLY love the striped jumper, so much I am off on the hunt for it next week

  13. Babe, I think you work those knits!

  14. I just want to say that I love your writing style. You had me smiling throughout! And you are rocking those knits!

  15. I also feel that moment all the time that my arms are too short for selfies. Haha. On a serious note, I do love your cardigan and it fits to you well, deary

  16. You are rocking those pieces! The stripe jumper is right up my street X

  17. CLAIRE YOU LOOK AWESOME! Loooove the stripy jumper :)

  18. Love the burnt orange colour on you!
    ♥ Fran - xx


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