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London, Food: Pizza Club at Pizza Buzz

I've been so lucky to meet so many amazing people through blogging. Through enjoying what is after all a hobby, I've been able to meet dozens and dozens of talented folk, funny folk, inspiring folk, clever folk. The things I get to do and the people I get to spend time with through my writing are truly an amazing bonus to the whole blog thang!

This year blogging threw another fun element into my lap, as this year saw the advent of Pizza Club. One day Vicky, Connie and Emma were chatting all things pizza on twitter, I joined in, and in a matter of moments, Pizza Club was born. We've met up three times now at different pizza spots in town (and the club may well be expanding before long - and not just in a waistlines-post-pizza way) and I love our candid, laughter filled get-togethers over a yummy meal!

Last week we were kindly invited to try out the menu at Pizza Buzz, the new pizza spot in Shoreditch. With great, fresh ingredients, an interesting and innovative menu, and a build-your-own twist to proceedings, I was excited to get involved and enjoy some pizza!

Love the in-house specials - some really interesting combos. Some of my potato loving friends (and my husband) would enjoy the Irish Mist - carbs on carbs!

After having a wee think about what you might like you join the line and make your way along, adding and subtracting elements as you go along. I loved seeing my pizza being made right in front of me, it was a great way to think about flavours, textures and colours throughout the prep.

The chefs were super helpful and friendly and navigating the dozens of ingredients expertly - no mean feat as Pizza Club being Pizza Club we had plenty to say for ourselves!

In addition to the many pizzas available there were also a range of salads, and plenty of drinks to choose from, with all sorts of fizzy drinks, freshly squeezed juices, beers from local breweries and red wine, white wine and prosecco. As well as that filtered water is literally on tap (always good when I'm around as I drink water like it's going out of fashion).

My pizza ahead of the bake. I chose the Italian as a base recipe, then added some extra veggies and meats. Vicky and Connie both went for the Irish Mist (those potatoes, man!) with various additions; Emma selected the White Forest with some extras.

Ready for the oven!

As you can see, all of the pizzas turned out beautifully, and I can assure you that they all tasted just as good. As ever with Pizza Club there was a lot of slice swapping and trying each others pizzas, as well as tucking in to a little creamy burrata on the side. Because there's always tine for burrata.

Our table looked even more festive after the addition of some prosecco.

Glasses in hand and pizza on the table it was high time to have a chat and catch up over some cheesey goodness. All the pizzas were good, I especially liked my own (#biased) - the saltiness of the cured meats played well alongside the richness of the buffalo mozzarella and the freshness of the vegetables. I loved this pizza, and the portions were so generous I was able to save a trio of slices to take home for lunch the next day!

The other reason I saved a little pizza was to ensure I have some space left for pudding. Pizza Buzz has a whole range of ice creams on offer, some made with cow's milk, others with goat's milk, and several with almond milk. I had a cone of the goat's milk versions of the mint choc chip and the chocolate - both were creamy, sweet and satisfying.


I love catching bloggers at work - here's Vicky getting that perfect ice cream shot.

Thank you so much to Pizza Buzz for hosting Pizza Buzz so well - the food was lovely and the whole space has a chilled, buzzy vibe about it. As I looked around everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and the location of the restaurant - a stone's throw from both Shoreditch and Liverpool Street - makes it a great spot for getting together with friends, whether it's after work or before a big night out.

Pizza Buzz
2 Worship St

Open 11am - 10.30pm Mon - Sat, closed Sundays.

Disclaimer: As mentioned above, our meals were complimentary. All opinions, views, and excitement about being able to put broccoli on a pizza? My own.

PizzaBuzz Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Oh wow, this place looks amazing! I love the idea of creating your own perfect pizza. I'm in London this weekend so may have to pop by x

  2. They are all such good value! I would have gone with the one with goats cheese.

  3. You've now made me hungry. Im a massive lover of pizza, such a shame im not closer to london really xxx

  4. YEAH Pizza club is back! This place looks like lots of fun - I want to try a forest pizza x

  5. I love the idea of pizza club! Your pizza's look amazing! :)

  6. Ooooo yes pizza and ice cream - hello heaven. They all look sooo good!

  7. this looks like absolutely heaven, I can't eat cheese now (I have a dairy intolerance) so I live vicariously through peoples pizza and cheeseboard pictures lol xx

  8. Literally the perfect meal! I love the pizza club idea!

  9. Pizza Buzz is so good! I love the concept and my pizza was amazing when I went!

  10. i could stare at that shelf all day. i haven't heard of this but looks great

  11. Oh wow this sounds like the ultimate pizza place - I totally need to try this for myself. x

  12. OKay pizza club sounds like my kind of club! And these pizzas look amazing, so fresh x

  13. This looks like a nice restaurant! Its great it has a vegan choice too :)

  14. I could totally get on board with a pizza club. You guys are brilliant to do this meet-up regularly!

  15. What a lovely idea to create Pizza Club! My mummy joins in with local bloggers events but nothing like this! Sounds great!

  16. Wow this looks like an amazing place and the pizza looks delicious!
    L x

  17. What a great concept, adding and taking things away to create the perfect pizza! They look absolutely delicious and getting to take the leftovers home with you is always great! x

  18. I wish I lived somewhere with cool eateries. The pizza and ice cream looks amazing xx

  19. Love the sound of pizza club. I'm often in Shoreditch so will have to keep an eye out for this x

  20. Your pizza club looks great. What a great range of pizzas. It's great that you got to try each others.

  21. Sounds fantastic - although a bit of a disaster for the waistline!

  22. The pizzas look great and I like the ideathat you can create your own and it only takes a few minutes to cook them.

  23. oh my gosh, just looking at those pizza's makes me hungry! I am on a calorie controlled eating plan and just looking at those and the ice cream makes me want to eat it all!

  24. These look amazing! Have you ever tried Franco Manca? I loved their pizza and this board reminded me of their board and menu!

  25. These do look like great pizzas. I quite like Pizza Union, not quite making your own pizza but it is made in front of you and cooked.

  26. This is amazing! All I want is a pizza now x

  27. This looks like a great place to eat - I think I'd try the Irish Mist. I love the fact that they do ice-creams with different milks as well

  28. The Goatee pizza sounds amazing, I would definitely order that!

  29. The Pizza's sound delicious, love the idea of the Italian one.

  30. Mm the pizzas look delicious! I'm gonna have to go.

  31. I've actually never heard of this place before! I am a diehard fan of Franco Manca, and always go there, though soon L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele is opening and is considered to be the best pizza in the world!

    Teffy @ Sprinkle of Green


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