Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Beautiful Burano

At the start of each month I love checking in on the #travellinkup and seeing if the theme is one that works for me, my blog, and my travels. And this month, the theme could not be a better match! This month it's all about inspiration, and after a ten-day trip to beautiful Italy, I am certainly feeling extremely inspired.

Amongst our many adventures, one of my favourite places to visit was the gorgeous island of Burano. This technicolour dream of a place was a delightful place to explore, enjoy some lunch, and stroll around in the sunshine looking at the lovely houses.

I did consider having a play and an edit with the photos, but in all truth the place was so stunning I just uploading these as is - the pretty houses and beautiful streets and canals more than speak for themselves, don't you think?

Lunch on the island was in a cosy spot (Restaurant Galuppi) where the bolognese was tasty and the people watching divine!

The pace of life on the sleepy Sunday was decidedly relaxed - this sleepy dreamy kitty caught my eye. He reminded me of our own little Fry-cat!

Everywhere we went there were bright colours, interesting houses and sweet little details.

And plenty of spots for selfies in the sunshine too.

Burano is a lovely little island, some 30/40 minutes from the main island of Venice when travelling by vaparetto - I'm sure in a water taxi you'd be even speedier. We took in three of the islands in the Venetian lagoon on Suday, including Burano, tiny Torcello and the larger island of Murano, and while all were pleasant, Burano was definitely our favourite.

As well as strolling and dining and falling in love with multicoloured houses, there are other attractions on the island, including the Church of San Martino, with its leaning tower and a painting by Giambattista Tiepolo; the Oratorio di Santa Barbara; and the Museum and School of Lacemaking.

I was intrigued by how the residents of Burano decide whose house is painted which colour so once we returned and I logged onto my computer I did what any self-respecting trivia nut would do. I checked Wikipedia!

According to that site's sources "The colours of the houses follow a specific system originating from the golden age of its development; if someone wishes to paint their home, one must send a request to the government, who will respond by making notice of the certain colours permitted for that lot." I'd really have to make sure I chose a house that could be blue, I guess...

The leaning campanile of the church can be seen from various spots as you wander around the island.

So, I found my dream house...

Please excuse the awesome/awful teeshirt (which I LOVE, by the way). Guess who spilled pomodoro sauce down a teeshirt and had to do an emergency purchase to ensure she had enough clothes to last the trip? Snoopy #SWAG for life, you guys.

I absolutely adored Burano and it was the perfect spot to visit after a joyous (and BUSY) ten days in Italy. The bright colours, friendly locals and blue skies inspired me so much.

Our whole visit to Italy was chock-full of inspiration, and I cannot wait to share about it here, along with all the other delights I like to write about. Here's to travel and beautiful places - both good for the soul!

I'm linking up with the lovelies on the #travellinkup - I can't wait to read what others have shared!


  1. i love the bit of trivia - I'd hope to be assigned a light blue, I think! x

    1. Team Blue for the win! I'm such a trivia nerd ;)

  2. These are so very beautiful - you're setting off my wanderlust!

    1. Happy to help! We still need to arrange a quick trip somewhere...

  3. Burano is just gorgeous isn't it?

    1. Stunning! I adored every second of Italy, and Burano was such a treat!

  4. I absolutely adore your pictures, this is such a gorgeous and colourful place!

    1. Thank you darling - I fell in love hard with this place!

  5. Mine would most definitely need to be pink! I loved Burano, it was my fave of the three smaller islands for sure.

    1. Yass girl! Apparently there are like, 118 islands total in the lagoon. Islands for days!

  6. I reallllllly want to visit! (But then I say that about everywhere lolz) x


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