Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Amtrak: NYC to Boston

When deciding on how to travel from New York to Boston on our latest USA trip, we had several options. We could fly, drive, take a bus, or take the train. As neither of us had taken a train in the US before, we decided to opt for the latter. The train from NYC to Boston is fairly swift (around 4 hours) and we booked onto first class for a little extra space too.

We were excited to experience train travel in another country and I was especially looking forward to seeing Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts as we whizzed by - the train line wends its way north along the coastline and I was excited to see the Atlantic from a new vantage point.

We journeyed down to Penn Station with our suitcases and perched in the lounge to await our train. The station is absolutely vast, with escalators and corridors going every which way! I was really grateful we had a porter to help us find our train and carriage as otherwise who knows what journey we may have ended up on.

Our travel day was clear and warm, with beautiful skies. It was lovely to look back at the city as we left the five boroughs behind and made our way onwards. The seats were comfortable and the air conditioning welcome, and we soon got comfy and read our books and played a little Uno as we travelled through the industrial belt just outside of New York City proper.

Lunch was either a light meal (curry or a sandwich), a late breakfast platter, or cheese. I enjoyed nibbling on some cheese as we barreled through the countryside - ever the turophile!

The views as we traveled along the Connecticut and Rhode Island coasts were absolutely stunning. Blue skies and sparkling ocean stretched out for as far as the eye could see. Posses of sailboats and charming houses punctuated the scenery.

The pictures don't truly do it justice (we were moving at a fair clip, hence the blur, and shooting through windows is always tricky), but it was so lovely to see a part of the world we would have missed entirely had we flown.

I was especially charmed to speed through Mystic, Connecticut - setting of one of my favourite chick flicks ever, the eighties delight that is Mystic Pizza

Our journey went brilliantly...until we reached Providence, Rhode Island. There, problems on the line meant our entire train had to disembark, and wait for a half hour before boarding the municipal train (think London Overground) on the Boston. Rather a shock to the system with big suitcases, and at least two hours added to the journey, but luckily we'd planned in time for any delays so it didn't disrupt us beyond a mild inconvenience. And hey, I can cross another state visited off the list!

I liked the comfort of the Amtrak train and the views were a huge highlight, but the issues and delays would definitely be in my mind were we ever to consider booking again. There are far fewer lines in the East US than here in the UK or in Europe, so when there's an issue, everything seems to fall apart a little.


  1. You were near my area since I live in Connecticut right on the Rhode Island line. We go to a beach were the train runs behind it so I know exactly the scenery you saw. I am very envious of the train systems in the U.K. and Europe. We are always so impressed when we travel outside the country.

  2. I've often wondered the best way to get between NYC and Boston. I have a cousin who lives in Boston and I'd love to combine a trip to see him with a NYC holiday.

    It's interesting that tourists think our English train lines are good. I think they're generally over-priced and unreliable but then I don't travel by train when abroad so have nothing to compare them to!


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