I am a fully paid up crazy cat lady. With four felines in our household, we are outnumbered 2:1, cats:humans (well, the odds are a little better while Shona is staying with us, but after that we'll be into a full on two-against-one scenario). Luckily our fur-bubs are kind and loving masters / bosses, and Matthew and I are treated very well by our feline overlords.

Earlier this month I was invited by the RSPCA to take part in their #MoreThanCat campaign, a fun little drive around International Cat Day to talk about our cat-friends and to open the conversation about these quirky animals! It was also a lovely opportunity (or should that read op-purr-tunity?) to shine a light on the great work the RSPCA and other charities do in finding homes for cats without a family of their own. As our quartet are all adoptees (three from a shelter, one because he found us - I'll tell that story another day!) I'm always up for applauding the charities who help unite animals with loving homes.

I shared the images in this post on social earlier this month, along with dating profile/factfile style write ups for each cat. I'm quietly proud of them, they really do give you a good view of each cat and the unique and lovely characters they bring to our home. I cannot imagine life without our four little troublemakers and feel so lucky to get spoiled with purrs, kisses, chats and snuggles every day.

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