Three Years/Nine Years

Happy Anniversary Matthew!

Thank you for three wonderful years of marriage and a whopping nine years together. Would you have believed those two kids up there would have started dating, let alone gone 'all in' on the love, house and marriage stuff?

Thank you for your kindness, your humour, your intelligence and your patience.

Thank you for loving me (even when I don't love myself). Thank you for spoiling me and those katzen. Thank you for inspiring me daily to be a better person, a better wife, and a better version of myself.

Thank you for supporting me, no matter what Claire-brained scheme I'm pursuing. Thank you for working so hard to help make our home and our life so comfortable and cosy. Thank you for listening.

Thank you for all the marvellous holidays you plan for us - I'm so lucky to see the world, Matthew-style.

Thank you for enjoying my silliness. Thank you for playing Monopoly with me. Thank you for the way you love my friends.

Thank you for nine wonderful years, and three of those as Mr and Mrs. When I first met you and started speaking franglais I had no idea where this journey would take us, but I'm so glad to be here, with you. Thank you for being my better half.

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Thank you for your comment - I do read them all but it may take me a little while (a couple of days) to respond during busy times. I love reading what you have to say!

Have a wonderful day!