Life: Topsy Turvy

This time of year always feels a little busy, a little dizzy, a little up-and-down. The start of a new school year always feels like the real new year, the new start of things, and the shift from summer to autumn is always a big change.

I'm excited for my favourite part of the year, autumn and early winter. It's a time of year where I'm always learning, growing, changing, and this year I'm sure will prove to be no exception. I've got big plans, big ideas, and lots of fun planned too.

I'm excited to meet my new class. I'm excited to learn what 2018 might bring. I'm excited to keep going on my weight loss quest*. I'm excited for cooler temperatures, madder schedules, and good times with good folks. I'm excited for our continued house renovation and reorganisation project.

It may be topsy turvy around here, but that's no bad thing!

Happy September, you beautiful folk.

* Speaking of the quest, a quick update. Turns out my old scales were wrong, and my actual start weight was 290 pounds.

Flipping heck.

In less stressful news, this morning I tipped the scales at 260 pounds. 30 pounds down and one-fifth of the way to my ultimate goal. Onwards!
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