Just Go

All pictures taken from Zeal and Heart's gorgeous archive.

There are words which conjure up a feeling.

Words which inspire.

Words which are a call to action.

For me, right now, in this season, the words 'Just Go' have a resonance and a depth I wasn't expecting. They are words that speak to adventure, to change, to new beginnings, to fresh starts. My mid-thirties, far to the calm and slightly dull era I was expecting, have turned out to be a time full of potential, of 'what ifs', of dreams, of exploring.

That these words are the ones that Bangarang chose for our collaboration with Zeal and Heart feels especially special (wow, that phrase is a pyramid of awesome, non?).

The Bangarang girls are some of the awesome women I love to navigate the joys of the blogosphere alongside, and we were delighted when Rebecca approached us for a motto to make into a necklace.

Many were suggested.

Many were rejected.

And 'Just Go' was crowned the winner.

It's a phrase that our wanderers' hearts felt was perfect for a pendant, and crafted in beautiful sterling silver it's an ideal gift to share, or treasure to cherish.

Do you love the thrill of the unknown? Does your heart sing for new horizons? Then the 'Just Go' pendant from Zeal & Heart is perfect for you. From £25, with all proceeds going to Headway, it's a beautiful way to remember the journeys you've had....and the journeys yet to come.
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