About Me

I'm Claire and this is my blog.  I've been writing here for almost ten years now, and in this time my blog has grown from quick missives to catch family up on my life as I lived far away to a place where I share the many things which inspire and entertain me.  Primarily a lifestyle blog, I often write on other topics, from food to fashion to travel to home - life is busy and this is the ideal place to spill the beans on my many adventures!

I'm now in my mid-thirties and I live in (glorious) east London.  I've lived in London for six years now, but am a country girl at heart (that's where the CM in CMClaire comes from - originally this blog was Country Mouse Claire!).  I grew up in Scotland, England and Germany, and rocked many a natty outfit like the above.  I'm coveting a kilt like that for autumn, truth be told.

I worked as a teacher at prep schools from 2005-2015, but as of September 2015 I'm going to be working as a writer as I try to get my first novel done and dusted alongside blogging and taking on various freelance writing projects.  I love teaching and will no doubt be back in a classroom at some point, but this is an exciting season in my writing, learning and blogging life!

I have a silly sense of humour with a love of puns, gifs and movie quotes (see above).  I have an insatiable appetite for popular culture, and more highbrow culture too!

I love socialising, travelling, and spending time with great people.  My favourite spot for afternoon tea in the city (so far!) is The Ritz, Guiseppe's spaghetti is the perfect comfort food, and the Breakfast Club is my weekend joy.  Head there early, avoid the queues!

Recent holidays have been to Spain, Las Vegas and Hawaii.  On the docket for later this year are Edinburgh, Northumberland, the Canary Islands and Inverness.  In 2016 I'm hoping to visit Rome, Copenhagen, Berlin, Salzburg, Paris, New York and Boston.

 I love animals and we are lucky enough to have three adorable cats, Poppet, Leela and Fry (and a fish, Elizabeth Bennett).  They feature occasionally on the blog and have been known to hijack it for their own purposes from time to time....

I got married in 2014 to my favourite person on the planet.  He's such a great guy and supports me in everything I do, from proofreading chapters to snapping the occasional 'outfit of the day' picture!  He's also THE BEST holiday planner, ever.  Bow down, for sure.

I love spending time with my friends and meeting other bloggers too.  I love the 'social' side of social media.