Carb overdose

Wow. What is it about pizza that seems to inspire me to attempt to eat the equivalent of three meals in one? Egads, am full…

Am sat writing this in front of our dining room telly, which is currently set on Trinny and Susannah traumatising several women into their style of dressing. Hardly cerebral but good background noise (and a darn sight more interesting than what my family are watching in the main room – Rosemary and Thyme – yawwwwwn). Today has been a typical day at home, with mum at work and my brother, sister and father trying to out-lazy one another. I didn’t even figure in the rankings, getting up at the ludicrously early hour of half past nine and showering and changing before 11. Swiv won hands down – rising at 11, not showering at all (eutrgh) and staying in her PJs all day. I kind of wish I could.

Got the last few bits for my family’s Christmas and wrapped it all up…and despite a very Christmassy December so far, I’m not….really….that into it? Hopefully after midnght mass tomorrow that will all change!

Would love to type more, but am being lazy at the mo and have very little to update….

More soon, and seasons greetings to all!


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