Last post of 2005

Well I’m sat here with a glass of wine, pre-shower and Lost (I know, the glamour of my life gets me sometimes too) scribbling (can you scribble in type?) down what may well be my last entry of the year. It’s my last night at home and I’ve had a lovely chilled day with the family. Tomorrow it’s Dad’s birthday, and then I’m on the flight down south in the afternoon. I wonder if I’ll bump into Amelia the cute toddler and her mum again? They were good company on the flight up…and infinitely preferable to being stuck on a plane between two drunken men.

It’s been a good visit home….I’ve caught up with most of the people I wanted to (Erin, Shirls and Rhona, see you at spring break?) and also seen a few people I wasn’t expecting. I’ve had a really good rest after a heck of a term (I know I’ve whinged at times, but there were points where I actually didn’t know if I could take the pace….am wuss, surely?). I’ve caught up with my family. I’ve embraced my love of bad films (this evening’s choice was The Prince and Me… ooooof). And I’ve discovered a bizarre addiction to turkey. It’s been fun.

For the next few days I will be at Hannah’s sharing the new year with her and her lovely family and friends…I might check in here, but we’ve got wine, cinema and Pride and Prejudice – fests planned… I may see you on the other side.

A very happy new year to you all, and I hope 2006 brings you all you want, wish for, and desire.


P.S. Next post…my review of ’05.
P.P.S. Post after that – panic in written form as work kicks off again!

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  1. Nae'blis
    30th December 2005 / 6:21 pm

    Hey claire, like some mad strange psycho from school i found you……………isn’t the internet wonderful when revision is supposed to be the order of the day.Btw this is dan’s blog name not mine loveVicky S x

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