So the siblings and I never made it to the movies today….demain, toujours demain!

Instead it’s been a chilled day in the country mouse house. A morning of relaxing, watching The Muppet Christmas Movie, chatting, drinking tea and squabbling over the shower (I really, really wanted one, Swiv and P were arguing with Mum because they didn’t want to have one – I know, how grown up!). Then we had uber-sandwhiches and watched Neighbours. I never get to watch it usually, as I work through both showings, but am enjoying trying to understand it in any way, shape or form. Then we concluded that we “couldn’t be arsed” (direct quote) schlepping all the way to Inverness, but did need to get out of the house.

So we took the camera and went for a walk. Cue lots of photos of the three of us behaving like utter prats, which I shall upload later today or in the foreseeable. Good to hang with the sibs though, we don’t get to do enough together.

Then we came back and ate looooads of candy, and played Scrabble – I got a score of over 300, woot! – and Trivial Pursuit. Yeah, we’re losers, what of it?

And now I’m in my usual place, doing netty stuff and blogging avec Samuel le chat, preparing for a glamourous evening of letter writing, TV watching, snacking, phoning friends and reading heat magazine. Down south on Thursday to Hannah’s (yeah, baby – bring on new years!), then next week I actually have to start working again, quelle dommage!

Later all,

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