Good evening ladies and germs, and a very happy Christmas / Hannukah / Kwanzaa / Saturnalia / Chrismukkah to all. I am a very plump country mouse at the current time, due to a heady mix of turkey sandwhiches, mince pies and what my darling refined sister refers to as “flatulent veg”. I really don’t think I’ll be able to move properly again until we are well into 2006.

Today has been a very usual Christmas here, full of food, fun and family. After a reasonably late night yesterday we all woke up just before 9, and after sourcing coffee (even on high days and holidays, my family all need coffee or tea to function) we hit the presents. My stocking (composed by Swiv and Peter) was the highlight of the morning, I was really impressed with the time and care that went into it (my siblings are renowned for both their hatred of shopping and their lack of money!). I also had some fabulous pressies from friends, highlights including a book I’ve coveted for a while (The Learning Game) from Miss C, a kickass looking book (Mao’s Last Dancer) from Shona – plus a very cute ‘Rough Guide To Choreography’, some fairy fortune telling cards (yep, really….)* and some of my favourite flavoured tea from Peachy, and some kickass slippers from Emmar (Seriously, they are like the best slippers ever…totally not my usual thing but just….unghohyeayhsocooooseeey). Plus I got lots of fab stuff like toiletries, socks, mugs, sweets….I have really been spoilt this year! To my friends reading this, thank you!

I feel doubly (or even trebly) spoilt in that I’ve already had all my gifts from the children I teach – candles, champagne, smellies, more candy than I’ll evvvvveeeeer eat; and I’ve still got my presents from Hannah, Miss Wilson and Jean to come (yay, Royal Mail!). It’s a giftacular!

More importantly, my family all really liked their gifts….I love giving a present that is appreciated!

The rest of the day has been very chilled. Mum, Peter and I watched ‘Madagascar‘ while finishing the dinner prep., and the whole country mouse gang sat down at about two for our traditional Christmas feast, complete with Top of the Pops mocking and watching the Queen. After that I retired with the cat and Sense and Sensibility to chill for a few hours, then it was Doctor Who** and The Importance of Being Earnest (I’m a sucker for Wilde***). And now I’m in my PJs (and new slippers), chucking some blog down before pottering my way to bed.

I looooove Christmas! Hope yours has been fab!


* I think I might do a reading with them later – anything of interest will no doubt be reported back here!

** David Tennant really is a bit cute, no? Damn, I love geekboys.

*** And Colin Firth, of course.

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