Busy bee

Wow, it’s a bit frenetic at the moment, but I have grabbed a quick cup of coffee to do a quick blog…I am determined to keep up with this :-). It’s Saturday morning here, and I’m taking a quick break from my busy classroom tidying and lesson planning schedule before my 12.10 class arrive. It’s the only year 6 class I take, and it’s effectively a prep. session. And as it’s the last lesson of the week, you can imagine how ready to work the children are! At least it’s only 40 minutes.

This week has been nonstop, but in a good way. The health kick continues, and is furthered embellished by the fact that I am now teaching aerobics on a Wednesday afternoon, to a group of 8-11 year olds. It’s good fun, and I think it will force me to be quite grown up and confident. The weight is heading in the right direction also, with 5 pounds lost this week….will no doubt slow. right. down. now! The swimming three times a week is really good and I’m feeling much more toned and energetic – my classes are suitably petrified.

Choir is also going well, but the pieces are hard. I was concentrating so hard on the Verdi that I got a headache on Wednesday. I am also making time for TV (ah, sweet brain-numbing TV!), and watched the season premiere of Desperate Housewives (….yawn, I have to say), and House (sooooo good. I would so be Hugh Laurie’s desperate Housewife, any day of the week!).

This term is so short after the marathon that was Michaelmas! Next weekend is exeat, so I’m gonna do a tonne of work this weekend so next weekend I can head to London to hang with Hoti. I’m thinking wine, antics, chilling, shopping, and possibly bowling…can’t wait! And half term is only a few weeks away – I am so looking forward to a few days of RnR at home and then…Paris! Yeah, baby! My hunger for shoes and bling will have reached Red Alert status by then.

So this weekend it’s working, cooking, chores, swimming, The Sunday Times and Celebrity Ice Dancing. I also have to cook up something for Monday’s film club (they are so bright and keen, super cute!) and Wednesday’s aerobics (and grapevine, step, step, turn!). Oh, and I’ll be cheering on Tunisia in their match against Zambia tomorrow, as I’ve drawn them in our staff sweepstakes…Go Eagles!

Hope you are all super duper uber fab,



  1. Matthew Cochrane
    22nd January 2006 / 6:24 pm

    Is the title of this entry a reference to “Best In Show”? Such a good movie…Anyway, hope every goes well – as I’ve said before, reading this makes me feel like I’m so amazingly lazy by comparison.

  2. Sian
    24th January 2006 / 4:01 pm

    I’m back. I’ve finally figured my laptop’s proxy settings out. You sound very busy.

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