Books: Have finished Memoirs of a Geisha (really good book – if you haven’t read it yet I’d recommend it highly!), and also A Guide To Elegance (quick, fluffy, fun, but with the dangerous side effect of making me covet more clothes!). Now am working through The Weaker Vessel and (dun-dun-dun) Anna Karenina. With the sheer length of these tomes and term starting back Tuesday, I’m anticipating spending a while on these!

Movies: Earlier this week I watched The Terminal, which I wasn’t taken with instantly, but got into it. Hanks is marvellous, again, and Catherine Zeta Jones is truly one of the most beautiful women in cinema. Yesterday I (finally) watched Dodgeball. Hilarious! This afternoon I had a comfort-movie moment with The Truth About Cats and Dogs.

TV: Yay! I have a TV again….after the explosion earlier this week. Am looking forward to My Name Is Earl and the season finale of Lost (which will either be showstopping or lacklustre…which way’s it gonna go?); but tomorrow is the night for Claire TV (am kind of fussy, so I get excited when there are several things I want to watch. So tomorrow it’ll be University Challenge (so I can feel thick and underachieving, or smug and brainer than I actually am), Life On Mars (I’ve like John Simm since The Lakes, so I hope he’s as good in this), The Thick of It, and the second half of ER. Yay!

Music: Lots of Barenaked Ladies, Snow Patrol and Tanya Donelly at the moments, plus a resurrection of three mixes the gorgeous Chrissy made for me a while back РAw Sӣ$ Hold My Drink (both volumes) and Kiss Kiss. Have also heard the new Will Young song on the radio a lot lately, and excuse me being all teenage girl about this, but if you know me, how apt are these lyrics?
“Sometimes you walk by the good ones
‘Cos you’re trying to hard, too hard to see them
And sometimes you don’t find the right lines
‘Cos you’re trying too hard, too hard to hear them “
Is official, am a cliche. But am improving sloooowwwllly!

Projects: Yet more thank you notes! Learning how to cook Aubergine Parmigana! Finally making the muffins I forgot to make yesterday! Playing with my new hairstraighteners! Researching babysitting agencies! Woo!

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